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  • 2023 June 14

    Revaluation of Russian shipbuilding

    The priorities of Russian shipbuilding development amid the current geopolitical and economic situation are being revised. The key problem of the industry- providing shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises with ship components is being solved simultaneously. These tasks, which are currently being solved by the Russian authorities and the shipbuilding business, are in tune with the key theme of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

  • 2023 June 9

    Quality of bunker fuel in details

    IAA PortNews has discussed acute issues of marine fuel production and quality amid current situation with Marina Lobashova, Director for Quality, New Technologies Monitoring Center (NTMC).

  • 2023 June 6

    Turkey’s profit from Russia

    Turkey has increased the fees for the passage of the Straits again. From October 2022, the fee growth has exceeded 5.5 times which presents an essential load on shippers amid the decreasing freight rates. It can be said that Turkey makes money on sanctions and lack of infrastructure in the Far East of Russia.

  • 2023 May 30

    Sanctions failed to cut down LPG

    The sanctions have not led to any catastrophic consequences in the Russian market of LPG production and export. Russian gas is still being successfully exported to the markets of both Asia and Europe, although export directions have changed a little.

  • 2023 May 29

    Grain by grain resistance to sanctions by Russian agricultural products

    The growth of grain exports from Russian ports is forecasted to continue: the country’s supplies to foreign markets totaled 45.2 million tonnes in 2022 and may reach 60 million tonnes by 2024-2025. However, the sanctions have changed this market considerably, both in terms of geography of supplies and in terms of new priorities set by the shippers.

  • 2023 May 23

    Aspects hindering the Far East direction development

    Russia is deficient in at least three aspects crucial for smooth logistics in the Far East direction: railway capacity of the Eastern Polygon, icebreaker support on the NSR as well as shipbuilding and repair facilities in the Far East.

  • 2023 May 16

    Vladimir Gutenev: a state programme focused on engine building development is under discussion

    Given the restrictions caused by sanctions Russian civil shipbuilding faces problems with equipping the fleet under construction with engines and propulsion systems. Vladimir Gutenev, Chairman of RF State Duma Committee on Industry and Trade, tells PortNews about measures being worked out at the level of the executive and legislative authorities of Russia aimed at the development of domestic engine building in the interests of the shipbuilding industry.

  • 2023 May 10

    What hinders investments into container ports

    Drastic changes in Russia’s container logistics have led to downtime of facilities in the North-West and their congestion in the Far East. In this situation, investments are required both in the creation of new facilities in overloaded regions, and in the optimization and diversification of the existing facilities in underloaded ones. Meanwhile, investors face a number of challenges.

  • 2023 May 4

    Nikolay Yermolayev: Commercial Port of Vladivostok set to increase its container throughput by a third

    As sanctions cause the shifts in Russian economy, Commercial Port of Vladivostok (CPV) enhances containerization by developing its facilities and acquiring equipment. By 2025, the port will be able to handle up to 1 million TEU while implementation of a joint project with Rosatom can double this result. Nikolay Yermolayev, Managing Director of CPV, PJSC tells about the port’s development in the new reality.

  • 2023 April 25

    Coal for China

    After the cancellation of “zero tolerance" policy on COVID-19, the economy of China has been showing revitalization accompanied by a surge in coal consumption. Russia is the second country after Indonesia in coal imports of China. However, the capabilities of Russia are limited by the lack of transport infrastructure. The market players offer some measures to solve this problem.