2019 January 14

(Alexey Likhachev, CEO of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM - On the Northern Sea Route and Arctic development plans )

- For us, the Northern Sea Route is a territory of partnership with our users of subsurface resources, shippers, seaborne transport assets’ holders and it is also an international integration. Strong interest to the use of the Northern Sea Route and intensification of activities there is expressed by our partners in Asia including Japan, S. Korea and China and in Europe as well as in Europe, of course.   

We proceed from the necessity to achieve one of the targets set up by the May order – cargo traffic on the NSR should be raised to 80 mln t by 2024. I believe, together with the Government we will be quite fast to raise the key indicator of the NSR turnover to the level specified by the presidential order. 

One of the previous year’s results is the decision made by the President of the Russian Federation on construction of a Leader icebreaker in the Far East. This icebreaker twice as powerful as yet-to be-built multipurpose icebreakers will this represent the third generation of icebreakers with absolutely unique features. The leader will be able to move at a commercial speed of 10-12 knots. In this case Russia will ensure an absolutely new level of competitiveness for our LNG in the global market. 

We recognize the great responsibility that falls on Rosatom in this respect. Undoubtedly, we will cope with the growing challenges related to our fleet of icebreakers and usage of the Northern Sea Route as transport thoroughfare. But we also want to improve the quality of life in the Arctic with infrastructure development and new sources of energy, environmentally clean and preventing pollution of that vulnerable region. We have already started this work and we see quite a high potential to implement it within the period of time outlined by the President and the government. 

From the interview with Rossiya-24 TV channel.