2018 November 29

(Andrey Lavrishchev, General Director of FSUE Rosmorport - On corporatization of FSUE Rosmorport )

- We were moved forward towards a decision (on corporatization - Ed.) by the RF President's Decree on approval of  the Russian Federation National Competition Promotion Plan for 2018–2020 which once again questioned the efficiency of state unitary enterprises for Russian economy, introduced a ban on establishment of such organizations, with an exception covering natural monopolies, though. 

When speaking about the corporatization process, it should be noted that the law has been drafted and has passed primary discussion by federal executive authorities. The draft law provides for reorganization of FSUE Rosmorport with certain restrictions... Most of facilities in ports are federally owned and cannot be privatized with their special status. Among them are VTMS, GMDSS, AIS and transport safety facilities. 

The draft law also contains provisions aimed at ensuring continuity of the company operations and preservation of its property assets.

The key task of the draft law is to ensure its corpoatization within the shortest possible period of time, which, in our opinion, will let create optimal conditions for its effective operation.

A number of legal routes is foreseen allowing for optimization and streamlining of property rights transfer as well as facilitation of rights registration…

Inclusion of controlled property into the authorised capital of a joint stock company should be based on the principles of preservation of the unity and centralized control of seaports’ infrastructure facilities.

In our opinion, the form of a join-stock company will let Rosmorport be more flexible and comfortable for cooperation, will facilitate the decision making process without prejudice to the interests of the State when it comes to federal property management.

Recorded by IAA PortNews at the meeting of Consumer Council on Rosmorport Activities.