2016 February 9

(Arto Uuskallio, Director, Sales & Marketing Manager, Aker Arctic Technology Inc - On challenges of the Northern Sea Route )

There are a lot of different things affecting the development of the Northern Sea Route traffic. It is not depending on the technology.

The question is how economical it is to transport cargo. Then you have to find the right cargo going one way and the right cargo going back. Currently, practically all these Northern Sea Route transit voyages deal with spot cargoes.

Nobody is so far really making effort to build a vessel which is only using the Northern Sea Route or mainly using the Northern Sea Route or which is operating in the extended season, not only in summer.

Then we should think about somebody to build a container vessel which is operating year round on a schedule - typically for container vessels on a weekly schedule. Then you need a fleet of this kind of vessels. And then you have the risk – technical risk and the political risk.

You should have rescue centers – if there is something happening it is quite a long distance. If something happens with your machinery and you lose 10 or 20 percent of your power you might not be able to proceed - then who is coming to help you?

There are a lot of difficult things which are required to be in place for shipping to really start. To have all these pieces in place will take quite a lot of time.