• 2019 October 18

    Yury Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia

    On challenges of cruising and yachting development

    - Marine and river cruises are getting more and more popular with a significant multiplicative effect. Passenger transportation by inland water transport is offered in 43 regions of Russia, by seaborne transport - in 10 regions.

    More than 12 million passengers were carried during the last navigation season. That figure includes almost 300,000 passengers carried by tourist routes.  Seaborne transport carried 7.5 million passengers.

    The development of cruise tourism is considerably hindered by obsoleteness of ships and berthing facilities. Low water level when passage of cruise ships is either complicated or impossible often presents insurmountable barrier.

    There are also other factors hindering the development of cruise shipping. Among them is the deterioration of passenger fleet and absence of new ships complying with modern requirements on safety and comfort. Average age of ships in operation - 45 years.

    A package of state measures being implemented today can be used by shipping companies for development of cruise shipping. Currently, USC shipyards are building two cruise ships, Peotr Veliky and Mustai Karim, as well as two river ships of the Golden Ring type. However, that is not enough. There is no serial production but it is needed.

    The Marine Board had earlier made attempts to look into the development of yachting. In 2017, it considered concept proposals on yachting development on the Black Sea coast of Russia. However, it was not followed by any significant changes towards implementation of the yachting development projects. Admittedly, there is no regulatory base today to regulate designing and construction of facilities for yachting and there are no documents for strategic development of yachting on the federal level.

    We expect the working group headed by Igor Levitin to give an impetus and coordinate the activities of all parties interested in the development of yachting.

    Recorded by IAA PortNews at the Meeting of RF Government’s Marine Board.