• 2019 September 6

    Irina Olkhovskaya, Member of Vostochny Port BoD

    On infrastructure for coal exports to India

    - Our investment project presented at EEF is Phase 3 of Vostochny Port’s specialized coal terminal. It is an ambitious infrastructure project we have been working on from 2012. We are the first port to succeed in integrating the best available technologies and closed coal handling into the project at the phase of designing. It was a real challenge to coordinate all technological processes at the terminal: not only coal transshipment but also environmental aspects including the construction of new treatment facilities and water sprinkling system.

    Today, Vostochny Port is not 25 million tonnes per year but 50 million tonnes!  It is a hi-tech terminal ensuring competitiveness of Russian coal industry. That is because Russia should ensure very high quality of services and products exported to such a highly competitive coal market.

    At the Forum, Moscow and Deli signed an agreement on supply of coking coal from the Far East to India. The new export line will certainly base on such infrastructure projects as our Phase 3 of Vostochny Port.

    We have put into operation our Phase 3 and loaded the first ship bound for India with 80,000 tonnes of high quality coal produced by Kuzbassrazrezugol. We recognize that India is a fast growing segment, first of all due to the country’s leap in metal industry. Iron and steel industry is very sensitive in terms of high quality of coking coal, for which Russia is famous with the construction of preparation plants aimed at raising the quality of export coal.

    India is among our strategic partners of high significance. We will continue diversification of our client base: China, Japan, Korea, India …

    It is very good that EEF provides an excellent opportunity for networking through an open dialogue. Therefore, I must mention problems faced by large infrastructure investors.

    It is important for us to ensure precise and smooth connection of all points within the logistic chain of coal export: from Kuzbass to seaports of the Far East, which is about 6,000 kilometers. That is why we call for a large-scale development of the BAM and Transsib railways and consider synchronization of those projects with port projects to a crucial issue. Beside, implementation of the projects at the Smolyaninovo-Nakhodka-Vostochny railway sector is necessary for us.

    For our part, the last mile of the railway has already been built by Vostochny Port. That is how ports take care about railways. At our own expense we have built and put into operation five electrified tracks at the Vostochny-Nakhodka station, conducted full development of the station and handed over the tracks to Russian Railways. Now, new infrastructure is being used in the interest of the entire port cluster in the Bay of Vrangel. We are also building 12 electrified tracks at the Vostochny-Nakhodka station – the Park Novy project. So we need the connections with both the closest approaches to seaports and with the entire transport chain between Kuzbass and the Far East.

    In our business, long-term planning is crucial for the entire investment cycle, which is quite long in our industry.

    Interview with Irina Olkhovskaya is available in Russian at "Russia 24" >>>>

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