• 2019 May 20

    Maksim Akimov, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia

    On strategic planning in transport industry

    - It’s high time that we all considered this issue and I want the Ministry of Transport to lead it. We need a reasonable platform, a sort of a digital foundation for town-planning and conceptual strategic documents in the sphere of transport – available for all participants and, first of all, for the business – to serve as a basis made by a set of components for construction of a harmonized analytical vision of the transport infrastructure.

    Our countless plans, long-term development programmes, investment programmes, declarations …. If we want consistency, the elements of these structures should be standardized to comply with the general format and technically available for uploading of different data ...

    This work (analyses of the existing planning system - Ed.) should be conducted before we make a decision to spend resources on one more strategy (said in respect of a proposal to develop a Strategy for consistent development of seaports in the Baltic Basin of the Russian Federation, railway and motor road approaches to them, infrastructure of inland water transport and pipeline transport ensuring operation of port complexes - Ed.). And I mean the management resources rather than financial ones.

    We should determine the legal validity including the obligations of different parties in the process. … We should understand which place this new document takes in the hierarchy of other documents for strategic and territorial planning…

    I ask these questions to be answered following which we will return to a possibility for a new strategy development.

    Said at the meeting on development of Baltic Basin ports held in Bronka port and headed by Maksim Akimov.