• 2019 May 15

    Russian President Vladimir Putin

    On development of port Olya, shipbuilding and shipping in the Caspian basin

    - Many years ago it was decided to develop the port of Olya. In 2004, a railway line was built to Olya. However, the port has not yet reached full capacity, and the volume of cargo transported by rail is still far from the targeted objective.

    Meanwhile, freight traffic in the Caspian region as a whole, including transport volume, is constantly growing. Yet, a large percent of cargo still bypasses Russia, and naturally our neighbours take it, and they are right to do so – they are competing in the market. Why? Because they have modern high-capacity port and logistics complexes.

    Perhaps one solution to the problem would be to offer special incentives for attracting intransit freight and investors who would be willing to build the required infrastructure for handling these goods and their subsequent transit across Russian territory.

    Let's discuss this topic more specifically today.

    Developing shipbuilding is next. The Astrakhan Region has many years of successful experience in this area and is home to the renowned Krasniye Barrikady shipyard which has a long history, but is now in a difficult situation primarily due to a shortage of orders, which in turn, are due to problems with river navigation and shipbuilding, among other things.

    Said at the meeting in Akhtubinsk on the socioeconomic development of the Astrakhan Region.