• 2019 April 4

    Yevgeny Kiselyov, head of Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency

    On expansion of Russia's continental shelf in the Arctic

    - As part of work performed by Russia’s Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency and Ministry of Nature, including that at UN Sub-Commission’s sessions, materials have been prepared to let the 49th session make a decision which is paramount for us. UN Sub-Commission has made a statement on the geological belonging of territories which we include in the expanded continental shelf to the extension of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation. It is a crucial statement which suggests, to a certain extent, a success of our application.

    I suppose that the coming two-three sessions will solve technical issues related to morphology justification in respect of specific elements of Russia’s application and we will achieve a positive result in this matter.

    TASS transcript of the speech at the Agency’s Board meeting