• 2019 April 2

    Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin

    On development of Russian Arctic zone

    - Of course, effective development of the Russian Arctic zone requires support... Creating an investment-friendly environment is of paramount importance if we want to be able to launch projects. This primarily concerns taxation, regulatory terms and ensuring guaranteed stability of these projects for the entire period of their life.

    When making a decision, we must be confident that the rules will not change for the entire duration of the project, be it 30 or even 50 years. This will be a prerequisite for bringing in additional investors, especially from outside.

    Given the availability of alternative logistical options, the Northern Sea Route should be as economically viable for the projects as alternative routes. In this regard, we formulate our proposals, submit them to the Government, and we will continue to do this work.

    …. In accordance with your instructions, work is underway at the Zvezda shipyard to promote the development of the Northern Sea Route… In conjunction with the Iceberg Central Design Bureau, the shipyard has begun preparations for the construction of the Leader pilot icebreaker. Rosneft’s order book with Zvezda now includes 25 vessels, and binding shipbuilding contracts have been concluded to build them.

    Transcript of the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

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