• 2018 December 21

    Sergey Generalov, head the NTI’s MariNet Working Group

    On the need for international companies headquartered in Russia to develop maritime innovations

    - The key challenge we have just managed to outline but not approach is the creation of international companies able to succeed in the global market. I would remind that the main purpose of the Marinet and NTI as a whole is to grow global champions to take leading positions in promising international market of high technologies.

    That is not just about companies with breakthrough technologies or large hi-tech companies  - that is about those which succeed in selling their solutions in the foreign market, set up standards and rules of the game internationally, succeed in competition with foreign technological giants.

    Today, NTI and MariNet instruments, including the new and promising ones, I have mentioned earlier are focused on development of technologies, which is our strong point, but not on international commercialization, which is a challenge for us. Unfortunately, neither NTI nor MariNet have developed instruments for international promotion yet. Today, we will present and industrial cluster of MariNet as one of such instruments ...

    Recorded at the extended meeting of Marinet.