• 2018 November 15

    Russian Railways President Oleg Belozerov

    On tariff policy of Russian Railways

    - As for indexation, it is 3.5% for the next year tariff. The next year is to see the abolishment of 8-pct export surcharge and, consequently, the tariff would grow by 2.5%, not by 3.5%. If we speak about a fair approach, and we had agreed on it with the consignors, those 8% should be taken into consideration when setting a tariff. Now it will be taken into account by exports. Then the change and the form of changes – it does not necessarily mean a decrease – will be reflected by a schedule of rates … If the situation aggravates next year for some groups of export goods Russian Railways will have to look, together with the colleagues, into possible providing of discounts to support exports of those goods.

    Recorded at the briefing after the meeting of RF Government