• 2018 September 3

    Sergei Khramagin, General Director, PAO STLC

    On business development and construction of tankers for Rosneft

    - New business, which is total cost of property purchased under leasing agreements, totaled RUB 159 billion in the first half of the year, which exceeds the result of the entire previous year. The leasing portfolio situation is similar to that: the plan of RUB 743 billion for the year of 2018 was exceeded by the beginning of July having reached more than RUB 803 billion. From 2012, we have been the most fast growing company in the market and we are not going to slow down so far. We have been consistently diversifying our activities. Apart from implementing the programmes on support of domestic transport machine building we invest a lot in the development of transport infrastructure...

    A milestone achievement for the company is its $450 million contract with Rosneft for construction of oil tankers. It is one of our largest deals in ship leasing. During a four-year period, STLC has been the largest company to finance shipbuilding. I would emphasize that we have succeeded in retaking over quite a lot orders from Asian shipyards in favor of Russian ones and that is something to be proud of.

    From the interview with “Banki.ru” portal.

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