• 2018 August 29

    Nikolai Shablikov, Deputy Head of the Department of Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, RF Ministry of Industry and Trade

    On problems and prospects of marine robotics and unmanned shipping

    - Marine robotics and unmanned vessels are the future of maritime activities. Designing and manufacturing of a wide range marine robots and unmanned ships is essential to ensure technological and economical security of Russia.

    As of today, the Russian Federation features a serious research and technological groundwork in the segment of unmanned navigation. It is based particularly on the state programme of RF Ministry of Industry and Trade “Development of civil marine equipment in 2009-2016” and federal targeted programme No1 “Development of defence industry complex in 2018 – 2027”. 

    More than 30 R&D works ordered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade have been performed as part of these programmes …

    From 1999, the number of patents in the segment of civil robotics exceeded 350.

    Over the recent 10 years, the interest to marine robotics has increased considerably in our country, which reflects global trends in this area. 

    That is primarily driven by the customers’ interest to such solutions since they let reduce the costs related to participation of people in challenging operations.

    The key problems are: absence of regulatory framework for development and operation of marine robotics and unmanned vessels, no designs or manufactures of robots required for Russian and international markets because of sanctions.

    Written at the roundtable meeting "Marine Robotics: Laws, Applications, Technologies" initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and organized by IAA PortNews.