• 2018 June 19

    Peotr Savchuk, deputy head of Rosrybolovstvo (Russia’s Federal Agency for Fishery)

    On providing of investment quotas (‘keel quotas’)

    - The first and the main important issue is the quota value. The second issue is the cost of the ship. The cost limit for a small ship … is RUB 150 million, for a medium-size ship – RUB 300 million. The third issue is the necessity to analyze the project taking into consideration the opportunity of more efficient production load due to quotas, apart from investment quotas. It should be taken into account that operation of new vessels will mean additional cost savings as compared with operation costs of the existing ships. Investors should select the optimal design parameters – dimensions, draft, fishing equipment, capacity of holds.

    ... All considered, the calculated payback period of the projects is about 6-8 from the beginning of ship operation which is comparable with investment projects in other industries.

    From the statement of Rosrybolovstvo