• 2018 June 7

    USC President Aleksey Rakhmanov

    On creation of a consortium for implementation of additive technologies

    - We make use of specialists, concepts, ideas and best practices of Korabelka (Saint-Petersburg Maritime Technical University – Ed.). The University has become the main developer in marine engineering. This area is crucial for us and we are waiting for a result in the nearest future. We would like the work on key subjects gain momentum and let us move forward to unique spheres, first of all, additive technologies. From a production point of view it is a breakthrough for us and it should ensure a real economy on operating costs.

    The technologies offered by Korabelka have aroused interest among the colleagues dealing with subsea production facilities. In the nearest future we will be able to gather a consortium with the first order for production units. We want to launch them at the Zvyozdochka before the end of the year to start production of high-strength steel equipment with application of additive technologies.

    Recorded by press center of Saint-Petersburg Maritime Technical University

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