• 2018 May 14

    Cees Boon, Senior Safety Advisor, Port of Rotterdam

    On prospects of LNG bunkering in Russian ports of the Baltic Sea

    - Many companies are working towards environmentally friendly shipping and looking into using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel in the Baltic Region, in Europe, in the Baltic states. We see the creation and development of the required infrastructure there. Their own research, market assessment is carried out in each large port. According to Lloyd Register, the share of ships using LNG as a fuel will make 20% to 30% in the nearest future. With only 10% of the fleet being powered by LNG it will be in demand in Saint-Petersburg. It is just a matter of time. The possibilities should be studied to find out which regulatory documents should be prepared, is there everything necessary for using the environmentally friendly blue fuel. Perhaps, it will be an LNG terminal or on-shore infrastructure, LNG bunkering stations. So, Russian ports of the Baltic Sea should get prepared, ensure that they comply with all requirements to start bunkering operations when the market needs this service. My message is the following:  get prepared for shipping by LNG-powered vessels in advance.

    Comment contributed to IAA PortNews

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