• 2018 February 27

    Ilya Shestakov, head of Russian Federal Fisheries Agency

    On the need to update state measures of support to fishing fleet construction

    - Investment quotas will be the first step towards building Russian shipbuilders’ competence in construction of fishing fleet. Then, I think, that competence can be analyzed and other changes can be initiated. Perhaps, it is not time to speak about them since the programme will take two to five years...

    As regards other measures, it is utilization grant launched by the Ministry of Industry and Trade but not applicable to fishing ships yet. There is work to do here as the set forth criteria are, unfortunately, not achievable for fishermen so far. This measure is quite important - it will contribute to upgrading and modernization of the fishing fleet.

    I think, in general the fishing community sees the prospects of new target stock development... and many fishing companies are going to have new ships built abroad as well. I don’t see anything bad in it.

    Recorded by IAA PortNews at the IV conference of RF fisheries industry representatives in Moscow.