• 2018 February 15

    Andrey Lavrishchev, Director General, FSUE Rosmorport

    On upcoming projects of FSUE Rosmorport

    - In the end of the last year we defined a contractor and actually began building the passenger terminal in Pionersky, Kaliningrad region ... It is supposed to create an artificial plot of land, perform dredging of some 1.5 million cbm, build protecting structures, two berths for accommodation of cruise and passenger ships. Additionally, I would mention a specific feature of this project – cofinancing applied for the first time in the Russian Federation. Our contractor, Bolwerk LLC, will not only build the terminal – it will invest in construction of the passenger terminal building and some other facilities. It undertakes to build the facilities of federal ownership and the passenger terminal building simultaneously. The construction period under the state contract - 21 months.

    In the end of the last year LENMORNIIPROEKT completed the design of a terminal at the port of Gelendzhik. We obtained the approval of Glavgosexpertiza and will start building the terminal this year. There will be protecting structures, a cargo terminal and other facilities. Key characteristics of the terminal: cargo throughput – up to 300,000 tonnes per year, passenger capacity – 20,000 people per year, cost of federally owned facilities – RUB 4.7 billion. 

    Besides, we are going to start building the facilities of federal ownership at the Muchke Bay terminal with relatively small scope of dredging works – 1.5 million cbm. 

    I believe we will succeed with obtaining a state expert approval and begin reconstruction of onshore facilities at the railway terminals of Vanino and Kholmsk ports. 

    I would also mention less ambitious projects ... that we are going to fulfill with our own resources. This year we plan to complete reconstruction of Berth No 2 in Balrijsk; Berths No 34 and No 34А at the port of Novorossiysk; base of aids to navigation in Rybachy and our technological berth at the port of Rostov-on-Don. Works will continue on development of the water area in the southern area of Ust-Luga port, reconstruction of the eastern breakwater in Yeisk and entrance breakwater in Kholmsk. 

    Among new projects we will start implementing with our own resources is the reconstruction of Berths No 12,13,14 of Big Port St. Petersburg and comprehensive reconstruction of Vessel Traffic Management System at the port of Makhachkala.

    Rosmorport started working on the issue to change the parameters of the Azov-Don Canal taking into consideration the Bagayevsky hydrosystem design which is nearing completion. The river part of the Don river will ensure safe draft of 4 meters, so our part of the Azov-Don Canal is supposed to undergo (after construction of the Bagayevsky hydrosystem) works that would let vessels with the same draft sail in our part of the canal. 

    Recorded  at the Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress organized by Media Group PortNews.

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