• 2016 December 5

    Deputy Transport Minister of Russia Victor Olersky

    On the current state and prospects of the shipping industry

    Ship owners have seen strong challenges in recent years, the market is heavy in all segments. On the other hand, our key regulator, International Maritime Organization (IMO), not without the pressure of equipment manufacturers, adds numerous conventions with direct or indirect impact on ships’ economy. Among them are restrictions on sulphur content in bunker fuel, ballast water … So ship owners should deal with economic issues depending, in particular, on vessel’s design. Therefore vessels are more and more environmentally sound, their tonnage is growing in view of shipping costs. It is happening worldwide, it is happening here … 

    Two crewless ships are planned for launching in 2017. It is clear, that those will be the ships of inland navigation. I think it (development of rules for crewless navigation – Ed.) will take international regulator 10-15 years, while for the inland and short sea navigation it is a matter of the coming 5 years.

    We also understand that the use of liquefied natural gas as a bunker fuel is yet another trend …

    As for our nation-specific activities, we see the growing segment of ice-class vessels as intense development of the Arctic is on the horizon already.

    Recorded by IAA PortNews at the industry-focused conference “Russian shipping: looking into the future”.

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