• 2016 May 25

    Yury Kostin, Deputy Head of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

    On prospects of Baltic and North Sea NECA status

    - Tier-III Standard on Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions from ships is effective in the North America and United States Caribbean Sea from January 1, 2016. That means that ships built after January 1, 2016 and operating in the mentioned region should comply with those standards.

    We understand that public health is the uppermost value and the work should be done to decrease emissions from ships. It is especially important for port areas and the areas of dense traffic. Of course, we understand that the result of NECA introduction should be waited for 20 years as Tier-III Standard is applicable to new vessels.

    The main thing for us is to be sure in accomplishability of the introduced standards, the ability of the shipping industry comply with them with reasonable investments.

    The other thing – we are for a comprehensive approach to the introduction of new requirements. It should be considered if new waste appears through application of any new technology, where and how such waste will be disposed, etc.

    In this context we are sure that a significant role in implementation of Tier-III Standard on Nitrogen Oxide emissions from ships is played by the designers and manufacturers of shipboard equipment.

    A strong signal should be given for the industry on the necessity to facilitate the developments so that international shipping industry could be prepared to meet Tier-III Standard on NOx emissions from ships by 2021.
    We have to ensure that by the zero hour ship owners are not face to face with raw technologies.

    From the report at the Conference on Baltic and North Sea NECA Roadmap.

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