• 2016 May 12

    Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade

    On status and prospects of Russian shipbuilding

    - We expect that both Morye shipyard (Feodosia) and Zaliv shipyard (Kerch) which is also loaded with orders as well as other companies of the Crimean Federal District will have work to do. Rosmorrechflot has placed an order there for a small diving support vessel. The hull of this vessel will be completed in September.

    Renovation will cover not only the buildings of the shipyard. New technological equipment will be purchased to ensure professional qualification and versatility of the shipyard as both military and civilian orders are expected.

    As for the Northern Sea Route and the icebreaking fleet of Russia, several icebreakers are under construction today. Three 60 MW icebreakers are being built at the Baltiysky Zavod shipyard in Saint-Petersburg. Construction of smaller vessels is in progress at other shipyards near Saint-Petersburg.

    There are two major producers of icebreakers in the world. Unique technologies and scientific basis is held by Russia and our European colleagues – Finland. One of the shipyards of the shipbuilding corporation is located in the center of Helsinki.

    We believe there are more than 150 newbuilding orders for this year. I think the trend will continue next year.

    There was a certain decrease compared with 2014 year, roughly by about 50%. In 2015 production was about 20 billion rubles. We built about 70 civilian vessels.

    From the statement of the Ministry’s press center.

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