• 2015 April 27

    First Vice-President of Russian Railways Vadim Morozov

    On transport & logistic activities of Russian Railways

    - Russian Railways maintains the status of one of the leading carriers in the country and we are proud with the fact that our share gained 2 per cents in 2014 having reached 86% (excluding pipeline transport)... 

    In 2014, transportation of export cargoes towards seaports increased by 5% as compared with that of 2013 and by 44% against 2007. This has been achieved thanks to extensive reorganization, first of all, of the management system. The situation is developing in 2015. 

    Major focus of the company is the development of its transport & logistic activities...

    Here are some figures, ether achieved or targeted for 2015. … Journey speed of container trains - 879 km per day, 1,056 km per day – for container trains under ‘Transsib for 7 Days’ programmefrom the Far East of Russia, refrigerated trains – over 1,200 km per day. These trains are among our strategic activities. Regular trains: the potential is over 300 trains per day … and it is a high-yield activity. This year, it is to bring at least RUB 1 bln of additional income ... 

    Today we can say that 90% of cargo is delivered in time, our task is to raise this level to 95%. However, there are a number of requirements here. We are hindered today with the Russian ports: the number of trains in waiting ranges between 50 and 500 in different periods. We count on the Bill on Seaports which is to be finally elaborated and approved. We need it very much for more flexible activities of market players, ship owners and all of us.

    Transcript of the report at TransRussia-2015 in Moscow, written by IAA PortNews.

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