2019 January 18

13:11 Vladimir Putin supports Government’s proposal on expanding Far East Ministry’s functions with Arctic issues

2018 August 22

13:38 Transport Ministry tasked to look into possibility of LNG shipments by foreign flagged coastal vessels

2017 November 15

10:38 RF Government approves expansion of port Vladivostok for construction of coal terminal (document)

2017 September 5

09:50 RF Government approves expansion of Zarubino seaport (Primorye) for construction of grain terminal (document)

2017 August 23

12:43 Dmitry Medvedev signed amendments into regulations on delivery of caught and processed aquatic bioresources (document)

2016 March 21

18:26 List of projects with state participation includes transport infrastructure projects

2015 September 15

10:38 RF Government approves expansion of port Sabetta limits

2015 September 4

09:19 Vladimir Putin suggests that Government looks into the possibility of Free Port Vladivostok expansion

2015 August 31

09:32 RF Government approves establishment of Kamchatka PDA

2015 August 24

09:40 Dmitry Medvedev signs resolution on Russia’s continental shelf in the Sea of Okhotsk

2015 August 20

15:56 Dmitry Medvedev signs document simplifying customs procedures

2015 August 10

09:36 RF Government approves Feodosia and Yalta ports limits

2015 August 7

15:53 KSRC to take part in strategy development for logistics & raw materials cluster of St. Petersburg (photo)

2015 June 23

10:40 RF Govt issues Order on establishment of center for construction of superlarge marine facilities in Murmansk Region

2015 June 22

15:51 RF Government approves concept of Federal Targeted Programme “World Ocean” valued at RUB 87 bln