2021 June 24

12:57 Federation Council approves draft law on nearshore fishery

2021 June 22

14:46 List of check points for importing of pesticides and agricultural chemicals approved by RF Prime Minister

2021 June 17

13:00 Russia’s State Duma passes bill on obligations of investors in seaports

2021 June 15

17:32 Russia’s State Duma passes bill on nearshore fishery
12:35 RF Government approves draft law on regulation of offshore handling operations

2021 May 26

14:26 Russian President signs Federal Law on Introduction of Amendments into Russia’s Merchant Shipping Code

2021 April 20

16:44 RF President signs law on long-term agreements for providing services involving nuclear-powered icebreakers

2021 February 3

14:39 RF Transport Ministry drafted law on environmental safety of offshore handling operations

2020 December 26

17:33 Port of LA applauds lawmakers for passage of WRDA 2020

2020 December 9

13:56 Federal Law on storing agricultural chemicals in ports signed by RF President

2020 November 26

16:27 RF State Duma approves lifting the ban on storage of agricultural chemicals in ports

2020 September 23

10:00 RF Government approves new NSR navigation rules

2020 July 30

15:04 Russian Gov’t to regulate determining evaluation costs of domestically built ships

2020 July 21

15:35 State Duma approves amendments into law on payments for damage of water bodies

2020 July 14

16:46 Vladimir Putin signs the package of federal laws on the system of privileges in the Arctic

2020 July 8

13:45 RF State Duma adopts a package of laws on privileges in the Arctic

2020 June 8

11:32 Amendments approved for coastwise shipping activities by foreign-flagged ships

2020 April 28

12:36 Procedure of ship vulnerability assessment offered for public discussion

2020 April 6

09:32 RF Government approves draft Energy Strategy until 2035

2020 April 2

13:37 Law ranking heavy fuel oil as medium distillate comes into effect

2020 March 31

16:55 State Duma of Russia approved in first reading expansion of resource base for LNG production projects

2020 March 19

14:38 Russian President signs Law on tax privileges for Arctic investors

2020 March 2

14:40 RF President signs amendments into MSC’s Article 4 on involvement of foreign-flagged ships
09:56 Carriage ban on non-compliant fuel oil except for ships equipped with scrubbers entered into force

2019 December 21

17:01 Russia addressed IMO to prevent ban on heavy fuel oil in Arctic

2019 December 20

10:47 EEC Council extends 1.5-pct sulphur cap for marine fuel till 31 December 2023

2019 December 18

16:04 Russia's working group on LNG-powered shipping makes decision on creation of unified data base

2019 December 17

09:54 Russian President signs Water Code amendments

2019 November 22

17:24 RF Transport Ministry counts on 'regulatory guillotine’ to cancel overlapping and obsolete requirements

2019 November 19

10:31 EEC postponed consideration of amendments into Technical Regulation of the Customs Union in the part of sulphur content in bunker

2019 October 24

11:49 Russia develops rules and standards for using LNG as marine fuel - Yury Kostin

2019 October 14

13:56 Some services in Russian ports to be excluded from the list of regulated services

2019 October 2

10:35 Draft Order of RF President on Establishment of Marine Engineering Corporation published by federal portal for draft laws

2019 September 9

15:50 Ministry of Industry and Trade drafted Presidential Decree on Integration of Zvezda and Iceberg into Modern Shipbuilding Technologies JSC

2019 September 4

10:13 46 crab catchers risk not to be recognized as Russian ships due to RF Government Decree No719

2019 August 30

11:21 RF Government approves procedure for crab auctions

2019 August 21

10:45 RF Ministry of Industry and Trade to prevent outflow of shipbuilding contracts from Russian shipyards

2019 August 6

10:04 Two dozen shipmasters fined over border crossing rules violation

2019 August 5

10:58 RF Government submits to State Duma bill on types of works to be performed exclusively by ships of Russian origin

2019 August 2

17:46 Canada Gov't marks the coming into force of the Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act

2019 August 1

10:54 Vessels staying at anchorage facilities beyond border checkpoints in the Gulf of Finland subject to fines

2019 July 29

14:53 Vladimir Putin signed law to include water areas into PDA limits

2019 July 25

17:57 State Duma passed bill to rank heavy fuel oil as medium distillates from 1 April 2020

2019 July 24

14:32 Council of Federation approves procedure for tourist ships' entering Russia’s Far East and Arctic zones

2019 July 18

15:52 State Duma makes it easier for foreign tourists to visit Russia’s Arctic

2019 April 10

09:51 RF Government approves amendments to Decree on criteria to define ships of Russian origin

2019 March 15

18:29 IMO strengthens coal moister control

2019 January 30

16:19 Comprehensive plan for core infrastructure modernization can be expanded with new projects according to approved procedure

2018 December 20

11:21 Issue of 3-year transition period in respect of using Russian-flagged ships in the Arctic is under consideration

2018 December 11

14:48 Draft law on Arctic administration approved in the third reading by Russia’s State Duma

2018 December 4

13:33 Draft law on Arctic administration approved in the second reading by Russia’s State Duma

2018 November 30

09:58 RF President signs Law on Accession to the Protocol of 2002 to the Athens Convention

2018 August 27

10:48 Russia’s Transport Ministry releases approval of service rules in merchant shipping

2018 August 13

09:32 Leaders of five Capsian states sign Convention on legal status of the Caspian Sea

2018 August 6

13:50 Vladimir Putin signs Federal Law on ruble tariffs in Russian seaports

2018 July 31

10:55 Federal Law on multiple crossings of State Border without passing control is officially published

2018 July 26

12:59 Russia’s State Duma passed the bill on ruble tariffs to be applied in seaports

2018 July 19

11:42 State Duma approves Russian ships’ multiple crossings of State Border through notification procedure

2018 July 13

15:33 Draft law on closed zones for dry bulk cargo transshipment submitted to State Duma (document)
14:37 Draft law on development of cruise tourism in Russia’s Arctic and Far East submitted to State Duma