2019 September 27 10:47

Benefits of maritime single window highlighted in Georgia

The maritime single window enables all information required by public authorities in connection with the arrival, stay and departure of ships, people and cargo, to be submitted electronically via a single portal, without duplication. This system is recommended by IMO's Facilitation (FAL) Convention, to make cross border trade simpler. Officials from various port and shipping stakeholders involved in the stay and departure of ships in the ports of Georgia have had the opportunity to discuss and learn more about the maritime single window and electronic data exchange, during a National Seminar on Facilitation of Maritime Traffic (24-26 September), in Batumi, Georgia, organized by IMO and the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia, IMO says in a press release.

Some 35 participants -  from various administrations with responsibilities in the clearance of ships, cargo, crew and passengers and private companies operating in Georgia's ports  - have been learning about the benefits of the FAL Convention requirement for all public authorities in ports to establish systems for the electronic exchange of information related to maritime transport and the recommendation to use a maritime single window. The aim is to make the maritime logistics chain more efficient.