2019 August 1 12:03

Kingisepp Machinery Plant repaired main diesel engine of RF Navy’s ocean minesweeper of Project 12660

As part of the project on servicing warships of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet, specialists of Kingisepp Machinery Plant (KMP, Leningrad Region) repaired the main diesel engine, М-513, of the ocean minesweeper of Project 12660, Vladimir Gumanenko. The customer is Shipbuilding Center Zvezdochka JSC, says press center of KMP.

The ship’s diesel engine underwent a complete overhaul with replacement of its key components. Upon assembly, the plant performed the engine rig test that was followed by the engine installation as well as mooring and sea trials of the ship.

According to the statement, it is the only mine countermeasures vessel of RF Navy able to assist nuclear-powered submarines to the operational sea and ocean areas.

Kingisepp Machinery Plant is a modern enterprise specializing in production, repair and supply of diesel and  gas equipment and deck outfit.