2018 October 12 13:21

Ocean Network Express enters bilateral feeder network cooperation with Hapag - Lloyd

Ocean Network Express and  Hapag - Lloyd have  concluded a Bilateral Strategic Feeder Network Cooperation Agreement ,  which has already  started on the first trades. The collaboration is leveraging the unique strengths and competitive advantages of both  companies and aims to provide the market with a superior feeder network.

Under this  strategic cooperation, both companies will share space on their feeder services.  Ocean  Network Express and  Hapag - Lloyd have  also  already ushered in a new Intra - Asia service,  the Bohai Feeder (BHX) in August and will further introduce a new Intra - Europe service, the  North Sea Poland Express (NPX), in mid - October to further enhance  their  existing feeder  network.  As the first step, the cooperation will cover specific Intra - Europe (BAX, NBS, NPX, REX,  SDX, ADX, LEX) and Intra - Asia (BHX, HAS, PID) feeder trade lanes. The collaboration has  already started in the Intra - Asia trade in August and will commence in the Intra - Europe  trade in Oc tober. The collaboration will be further expanded into other key areas in due course. 

“This new cooperation is another strong footnote to the existing bilateral partnership. We  are  convinced that together with Hapag - Lloyd, Ocean Network Express will con tinue to  enrich our feeder network portfolio and provide more premium feeder service to our  respective  customers.  Looking ahead, we are confident that the scope of this cooperation  will be further broadened.”  say s Jeremy Nixon, Chief Executive Officer of  Ocean Network  Express. 

Ocean Network Express and Hapag - Lloyd also  operate together within THE Alliance and  cooperate on their Latin America, Africa and Indian Subcontinent trades.