2015 December 30 09:31

Sinopacific delivered three SPP17A PSVs to NPI

SINOPACIFIC Shipbuilding Group (SINOPACIFIC) on December 18 delivered 3 SPP17A platform supply vessels (PSV) to the shipowner Naviera Petrolera Integral S.A. de C.V. (NPI) at Zhejiang Shipyard under SINOPACIFIC, the Group said in a press release.
The 3 SPP17A PSVs were contracted in July 2014. All of them are the SP series of offshore support vessels (OSV) designed independently by SINOPACIFIC. Based on NPI’s requirements, SINOPACIFIC has tailor-made designed, built and delivered the new types of PSVs, which will be serving the project of oil and gas exploitation in the Gulf of Mexico by PEMEX, the largest state-owned oil company of Mexico. The 3 PSVs are in full accordance with the requirement of the contract period.
NPI fully affirmed the cooperation this time. “I believe that these 3 beautiful vessels will become a banner of our fleet. I am also fully confident in that SINOPACIFIC can be famous in Mexico by virtue of its excellent products.” the vice president of NPI Juan Pablo Vega Torres said.
In fact, this is the first time SINOPACIFIC enters the market of Mexican, which used to be known as "a country floating on the oil sea". It is a profound strategic move for SINOPACIFIC to step foot in such a main market of oil and gas production and export. The CEO of SINOPACIFIC JIANG Qiang indicated, “We do appreciate the trust from NPI, which allows us to prove with the good quality and actual delivery of SINOPACIFIC OSVs. We are proud to be able to serve this demanding oil and gas exploitation market. SINOPACIFIC will continue to innovate, optimize and lead the OSV market with our upgrading design and customer service, creating more added value for our customers.”
The small-size PSVs SPP17A are designed by Shanghai Design Associates (SDA) under SINOPACIFIC. With a length overall of 61.8m, a breadth moulded of 14.0m, a depth moulded of 5.8m, a deadweight of 1,700mt, a designed draft of 4.3m, it can accommodate 24 people. Using the all-electric propulsion system, the SPP17A PSV is equipped with 2 sets of steerable thrusters on the stern and the main dimensions for the bow and hull lines are further optimized, therefore enabling a larger deadweight and better fuel economy. Thus, it has outstanding performance in all aspects such as parameters and indexes, operation convenience and crew comfort etc.