2015 May 7 16:18

Garlock expands ABS type approval on select rubber expansion joints with fire test

W&O, a global supplier to the marine offshore and marine markets for pipe, valves and fittings, valve automation, and engineered solutions, announced today that OEM partner Garlock Sealing Technologies LLC has received fire rating for its ABS type approval certificate for GARFLEX® 8100 and Style 206 EZ-FLO® rubber expansion joints, the Company's news release said.

These new approvals allow for expanded applications in the oil & gas industry and offshore sector of the maritime industry, including fuel, hydraulic lube oil and other oil piping systems. The approvals extend to use in the following temperature ranges: GARFLEX® 8100: up to 122°F (50°C) to 230°F (110°C); Style 206 EZ-FLO®: -20°F to 250°F (-29°C to 121°C).

Garlock pursued the fire rated type approval in response to customers expressing the need for fire rated type approved nonmetallic expansion joints. Michael Eighmey, sales engineer at Garlock said, “Not all classification societies have the same testing requirements, so many customers are now seeking the additional fire rated approvals in order to meet the utmost safety requirements. The testing used for this approval meets the requirements of ABS SVR 4-6-2/5.8.1(b) and ISO 15540 which is globally recognized by all classification societies.”

Garlock rubber expansion joints are specially engineered products inserted in a rigid piping system to absorb movement; improve thermal stability; relieve system strain due to thermal change, load stress, pumping surges, wear or settling; reduce mechanical noise and to compensate for misalignment and eliminate electrolysis between dissimilar metals. The products are suitable for a wide variety of applications in a range of industries including marine, chemical processing and water/wastewater.

“W&O is proud to partner with an OEM who values customer feedback and who is willing to make the investment to respond to those needs,” said David Lamphier, manager of sealing technologies at W&O. “One of W&O’s core values is providing our customers with the technical, customized solutions that best meet their needs, and we look forward to being able to offer the Garlock product with its new fire rated approvals.”

W&O began its partnership agreement with Garlock Sealing Technologies in 2014 to distribute expansion joints to the maritime industry. Garlock expansion joints will be featured at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, May 4-7, at the W&O booth, number 5123. Customers will have the opportunity to see the product first-hand and speak with a W&O product manager about the capabilities and new type approved fire ratings.

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