2015 May 7 09:34

Rolls–Royce delivers 1000th drillship thruster

Rolls-Royce has just delivered its 1000th UUC underwater mountable thruster. It is the third unit in a series of six being installed on Seadrill’s new mobile drilling ship currently under construction at Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea, the Company said in a news release.

The UUC thruster range is the market leader in mobile drillship propulsion, with over 70% global market share. There are more than a hundred mobile drill ships and semi-submersible drilling rigs operating in every major deepwater oil and gas field around the world today.

John Knudsen, Rolls-Royce, President – Commercial Marine said: “While we are proud of this achievement, the true significance of the milestone is that it demonstrates the trust that our customers place in us to deliver world class propulsion equipment that is mission critical to their successful operations. Developing highly innovative power and propulsion products and systems to support our customers’ needs has always been our focus, and will always be our focus.”

UUC thrusters are used to move a mobile drilling unit from one location to another, and particularly for keeping the unit stationary whilst in continuous dynamic positioning mode during drilling operations, often in extremely deep waters.

As most rigs operate in remote locations a very important feature of the UUC range is that they can be removed and installed underwater without drydocking the vessel.

Rolls-Royce is a world leader in marine solutions, providing products, service and expertise to more than 30,000 vessels in the offshore, merchant, naval surface and submarine markets. It designs ships and its product range includes propulsion systems featuring diesel engines and gas turbines, propellers, thrusters and water jets. Rolls-Royce also provides manoeuvring and stabilising systems and deck machinery. The company employs over 39,000 skilled people, including 11,000 engineers, in offices, manufacturing and service facilities in over 50 countries.