2006 March 24 07:11

The cost of construction of a liquefied gas and fuel oil transhipment complex in Taman is valued at $264 million

The incorporated transport-forwarding company (OTEKO) plans to construct a port complex on transshipment of liquefied gas and heavy fuel in Taman, with a capacity of 1 million tons a year. The complex will be located on the Iron Horn cape, covering an area of 164 hectares. This was reported to a correspondent of the PortNews Information Agency by Alexander Gladyshev Manager on Business Development of «OTEKO» within the limits of the Trade and Bunkering in the Southern Region international conference, held in Sochi. The company has signed a lease agreement with the authorities of Krasnodarski kraj concerning the rent of the proposed site for the period of 49 years. Cost of the project is valued at $264 million.
This is one of the first projects for construction of the terminal on transshipment of liquefied gas in Russia. Construction of such a terminal, with the capacity of 1 million tons a year in the port of Temryuk will be carried out by the Maktren-Nafta Company. The project is currently on consideration in the regional bodies of coordination. The proposed start of the terminal is July-August, 2006.