2006 March 24 13:45

The State Duma has approved the amendment concerning equal access to oil terminals

This Friday, The State Duma during the second reading, has approved the amendment to a clauseN6 of the Natural monopolies law at the plenary session, which establishes an equal access to oil terminals. As Interfax reports, the draft amendment is aimed at the extension of “the transport infrastructure” definition, concerning the establishment of an "equal access" to a transport infrastructure in case of oil export. The operating edition only provides such a definition as "the terminal in seaports ", while the export of oil by other types of transport (railway, river etc) outside the Russian Federation is widely carried out. Thus, the draft excludes such words as “seaports” from the definition of the “final terminal”. Earlier it was explained to the Agency of the oil information (AOI) in the State Duma, that equal access to the sea terminals is only a temporary law " Now almost all railway terminals are supervised by the large oil companies. Acceptance of the amendment will change this situation",- the interlocutor to agency has told. According to the source, acceptance of the amendment will lead to equal market conditions both for the large and small oil companies. Besides, as he declared, acceptance of the amendment will lead to increasing of the volumes of oil refining in the Russian Federation.