2006 March 28 08:45

FTS of Russia has approved the rates on cargo handling works carried out by Transbunker-Vanino

Transbunker-Vanino LLC has turned to the FTS of the Russia with the question concerning the approving rates for cargo handling works. As it is reported in the press release of FTS due to the fact that Transbunker-Vanino LLC has started up cargo handling works in the port of Vanino since January 1st, 2006. Board of FST of Russia has taken a decision to approve rates for cargo handling works and services, namely, heavy oil products – 5.5 $/t; light oil products – 4.5 $/t; oils - 45 $/t; storage of a cargo (for 1 day) - 0,07 $/t for Export-import cargoes; heavy oil products - 156,75 roubles/t; light oil products – 128.25 roubles/t; oils – 1282.5 roubles/t; storage of a cargo (for 1 day) – 2.0 roubles/t for Cabotage cargoes. The rates accepted by the Board of FST will come into operation on April 3rd, 2006