2017 April 28

17:03 Container Terminal Saint-Petersburg handled 157,600 TEUs in QI’2017, up 7.8% Y-o-Y
16:36 IAA PortNews' Labour Day congratulations
16:00 Throughput of Taganrog Commercial Sea Port up 38% to 320,000 t in QI’2017
15:34 Throughput of Multipurpose Reloading Complex (Ust-Luga) up 30% to 1.28 mln t in QI’2017
13:23 Andrei Iovlev appointed as Harbour Master of Rostov-on-Don port (photo)
12:59 Throughput of Tuapse Commercial Seaport up 1.5% to 4.24 mln t in QI’2017
12:28 Throughput of Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg up 4.6% to 1.8 mln t in QI’2017
11:44 Volga-Baltic transit to be opened from April 30
10:57 Roman Chesnokov appointed as head of Administration of IWW's Ob-Irtysh Basin
10:25 Vympel Shipyard launches yet another Grachonok-class boat of Project 21980 (photo)

2017 April 27

16:49 Rasul Sultanov appointed as Chairman of Astrakhan Region Government (photo)
11:50 RF Transport Ministry suggests NSRA reorganization and authorization for additional functions (photo)

2017 April 26

16:29 Port fleet of Baltic Sea Tug Agency (Ust-Luga port) expanded with two new tugboats (photo)
14:48 Tall ship Khersones arrived in Sochi (photo)
13:46 Cargo shipments by North-Western Shipping Company up 7% to 1.35 mln t in QI’2017
09:29 Vasily Kornilyev appointed as Acting Chairman of Astrakhan Region Government (photo)

2017 April 25

17:12 IAA PortNews congratulates Damen on its 90th anniversary!
15:19 Volga Shipping Company opens navigation season on Upper Volga (photo)
10:59 First shiploader delivered to Vostochny Port’s Phase 3 (photo)
10:05 Zelenodolsk Plant Named After M. Gorky lays down tenth small-size missile ship of Project 21631 for RF Navy (photo)

2017 April 24

14:27 Big Port St. Petersburg stops providing icebreaker assistance services from April 25
13:20 Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant launches fourth boom-laying boat of Project А-40–2Б-ЯР (photo)
10:40 Yantar Shipyard laid down rescue support ship of Project 23700, Voyevoda, for RF Ministry of Industry and Trade (photo)

2017 April 21

17:40 Shipbuilding cluster to be created in the Astrakhan Region
17:15 Bill on transit cargo transportation supported by RF Government with some comments and proposals
16:31 Gates on the Upper Volga can be opened ahead of schedule as requested by ship owners – Rosmorrechflot
16:06 Active search of crewmembers of dry cargo ship Geroi Arsenala is over in the Black Sea

2017 April 20

17:12 Lotus shipyard lays down yet another dry cargo ship of Project RSD49 for Anship LLC
16:16 The Court extends confinement of Valery Izraylit, Chairman of Ust-Luga Company BoD, till 21 July 2017
14:54 Throughput of port Ust-Luga up 9% to 24.36 mln t in QI’2017
14:27 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard lays down yet another ocean minesweeper of Project 12700 for RF Navy
13:45 Throughput of Big Port St. Petersburg up 6% to 12.60 mln t in QI’2017
12:46 Ex-Director of Ship Repair Yard “Yuzhny” (Sevastopol) appointed as head of Crimean Sea Ports SUE
10:47 Passenger Port of Saint-Petersburg expects 243 calls in navigation-2017
09:39 RN-Bunker starts selling low-sulphur marine fuel produced by Ufa refineries

2017 April 19

18:03 Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyard lays down patrol icebreaker Ivan Papanin (photo)
17:13 MRTS installs first eight large-diameter bored piles at the construction site of LNG terminal in Kaliningrad Region (photo)
15:50 Worn dry cargo ship Geroi Arsenala was sold by Ukrrichflot (Ukraine) to Gunes Shipping (Turkey) 4 years ago
11:35 Passenger terminal for large cruise ships to be built at port Korsakov (Sakhalin)
10:57 Troitsa Bay Seaport handled boxship with test consignment of cargo delivered by international transport corridor Primorye-2 (photo)

2017 April 18

14:29 MSCC Bronka shares its development plans at TransRussia exhibition
14:05 Krylov Center performed modeling of delivering navigation spans to construction site of Crimea Bridge (photo)
10:35 Boris Kabakov appointed as Director of Shipbuilding and Marine Facilities Department of Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (photo)

2017 April 17

16:57 Turnover of DeloPorts’ terminals in QI’2017 grew by 13% Y-o-Y to 1.7 mln t
15:00 First cargo delivered by international transport corridor Primorye-2 (photo)

2017 April 14

18:00 NCSP volumes for January-March 2017 totaled 37.3 mln tons
11:18 Navigation on the Neva and Malaya Neva rivers opens on 14 April
10:49 Throughput of Murmansk Sea Fishing Port up 14.5% to 78,900 t in Jan-March'17 (photo)

2017 April 13

13:21 Shiprepairing and Shipbuilding Corporation lays down non-self-propelled dredger of project RDВ 66.42 for FSI RechVodPut (photo)

2017 April 12

18:42 Throughput of Neva-Metal (Saint-Petersburg) in Jan-March'17 is flat, y-o-y, at 800,000 t
18:29 Arctic Shipping Company LLC acquires A-type ship from Spliethoff
16:43 Application of EEC norms on bunker fuel proves to be effective
13:13 Sergei Safonichev appointed as head of Azov Sea Ports Administration (photo)
10:49 Throughput of port Taganrog up 4.2% to 587,000 t in QI’2017

2017 April 11

16:27 Crude exports via CPC terminal up 9% to 13.01 mln t in QI’2017
13:44 Coal exports from Russia up 7% to 43.591 mln t in Jan-March'17
12:28 State Transport Leasing Company invested over RUB 300 bln in development of Russia’s transport network – Maxim Sokolov
10:19 Russia's crude exports up 0.7% to 63.182 mln t in QI’2017

2017 April 10

15:37 Life of Vaigach icebreaker’s reactor plant extended to 200,000 hours (photo)
14:53 Throughput of Arkhangelsk Sea Commercial Port down 45.3% to 233,500 t in Jan-March'17