• 2016 December 8

    Natalia Kapkaeva, Head of representative office of ‎Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.v. (Germany) in Russia

    On the new concept of the Port of Hamburg development

    - New concept of the Port of Hamburg known as Smart Port consists of Smart Port Energy and Smart Port Logistics.

    Smart Port Energy implies application of different “green” technologies when providing the port with electricity. Wind power stations are under construction within the port area, solar panels have been installed on some buildings at the terminals …

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is also in use: the port’s LNG hybrid barge allows for supplying electric power to cruise ships. The ships can stay in the port without using their power plant. Similar equipment is available at the waterfront so the ships can be supplied with electricity from the federal network. This reduces the noise level and CO2 emissions.

    Smart Port Logistics was brought up amid the growing cargo flows (throughput almost double in 2015 as compared with the result of 2000) and road traffic. Special IT support has been developed to meet the challenge. All traffic information related to different means of transport is supplied to specific service centers where information is processed and decisions are made on mooring of vessels or dispatching of trains.

    There are separate traffic management systems for rail, road and sea transport, The idea is to integrate all data flows in the port into a single information management center and a single traffic management center for better planning and for providing information to forwarders, cargo owners, ship owners, terminal operators. All this will ensure availability of full information about the cargo in the shortest time and improve planning of its handling in the port.

    Written by IAA PortNews at the Container Terminal 2016 conference (Saint-Petersburg, 6 December 2016).