2020 February 17

18:06 European Shipping Week 2020 opens with the latest figures on European shipping

2020 February 6

14:20 ECSA raises the alarm about the Gulf of Guinea

2020 February 3

11:08 ECSA wants to see the current European shipping centre maintained after Brexit

2020 January 22

16:05 European shipping industry urges the revival of Operation Sophia

2019 November 28

10:09 ECSA joins call by the European Parliament to resolve the crisis of the WTO Appellate Body

2019 November 26

14:10 ECSA welcomes India's intention to ratify international ship recycling convention

2019 November 14

15:15 The ICS and ECSA call for immediate and effective intervention after yet another attack in the Gulf of Guinea

2019 November 5

11:44 ECSA-ICS issue joint statement on the attack to the Norwegian ‘MV BONITA’

2019 October 31

17:48 ECSA launches strategic priorities for EU shipping policy for the next five years
13:02 ECSA supports the establishment of a co-programmed partnership zero-emission waterborne transport within Horizon Europe

2019 October 30

15:34 ECSA launches its Maritime Growth Plan for “Sustainable Maritime Jobs, Growth and Competitiveness”

2019 October 18

07:52 The European shipping industry urges the EU to bolster maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea

2019 October 3

08:11 ECSA's General Assembly names new President and Vice-President

2019 October 1

14:52 Transport coalition stresses the need for more EU budget

2019 September 18

17:03 ECSA considers the European State Aid Guidelines for maritime transport highly successful and key to maintaining a strong European shipping sector

2019 September 16

08:44 ECSA, INTERFERRY, EUDA and CLIA Europe welcome report on the evaluation of the Energy Taxation Directive

2019 June 25

12:59 ECSA celebrates the Day of the Seafarer

2019 June 20

17:06 ECSA organises workshop on the shipping industry’s interests in the UN negotiations on international ocean governance

2019 June 14

11:09 ECSA issues statement on suspected attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman

2019 May 17

09:30 ECSA marks the European Maritime Day 2019

2019 May 15

16:31 New survey from ICS and ECSA paints positive picture for seafarer internet access

2019 April 9

10:30 Major shipowner trade associations agree to enhance cooperation

2019 April 3

17:05 ECSA holds workshop on the practical implementation of IMO GHG strategy

2019 March 11

13:06 ECSA unveils its strategic priorities for EU shipping policy

2019 January 10

10:07 The Shipping Industry urges Transport Committee MEPs to enhance Maritime Commerce, Working Conditions and Sustainable Transport through adoption of the Clune Report

2018 December 21

16:34 EU legislators reach solid agreement on the new Directive on Port Reception Facilities for the delivery of waste from ships
14:33 Shipping industry urges European Commission to extend the consortia block exemption regulation

2018 December 11

14:32 ECSA welcomes the decision by the EU Commission to update the EU list of ship recycling facilities

2018 December 7

11:08 SEA Europe and ECSA pleased with EU’s actions on trade-distortive South Korean measures in shipping and shipbuilding

2018 March 15

16:05 ECSA and WSC call for the revision of the Reporting Formalities Directive to improve the efficiency of maritime transport

2017 July 3

15:34 ECSA expresses concerns over piracy situation in the Gulf of Guinea

2017 July 1

23:50 Piracy situation still serious in the Gulf of Guinea

2017 June 15

17:36 ETF and ECSA issue joint statement at the occasion of the EU Digital Assembly June 2017

2017 June 9

12:04 ECSA welcomes Council conclusions on EU maritime transport policy
09:34 Shipowners encourage EU-China leadership in shaping IMO CO2 strategy

2017 June 7

15:11 Shipowners encourage EU-China leadership in shaping IMO CO2 strategy

2017 May 18

09:38 European shipowners publish their priorities

2017 May 3

13:02 Patrick Verhoeven to leave ECSA for IAPH

2017 March 30

14:03 European Transport Ministers adopt 'Valletta Declaration'

2017 February 20

18:26 ECSA deplores that port and cargo interests condone regional measures

2017 February 15

15:52 European Parliament vote on the Commission's proposal to revise the European Emission Trading Scheme Directive

2017 January 13

18:04 Initial EU ship recycling list shows clear need for global mind-set

2016 December 20

17:30 ECSA adopts position on European policy for the Arctic

2016 December 16

13:41 ECSA says Parliament ETS report undermines global work on CO2 emissions of shipping

2016 December 13

15:08 ECSA and ETF ask European Commission to amend seafarers’ “Bill of Rights”

2016 November 30

08:17 European Council extends counter-piracy operation along the East African coast

2016 November 24

11:59 ECSA to organise seminar “Africa and shipping – a mutually benefitting cooperation”

2016 October 28

11:01 CETA will greatly benefit maritime transport

2016 October 23

14:28 African States, the European Union and European shipowners endorse maritime security

2016 October 20

17:46 ECSA: The Polar Code will protect the environment of the Arctic

2016 October 13

11:02 New European Border and Coast Guard Agency to strengthen EU’s maritime borders

2016 October 8

16:35 European shipowners welcome CO2 deal for aviation and look forward to positive decisions at IMO

2016 October 6

17:42 Malta International Shipowners’ Association and ECSA organise seminar on EU shipping policy

2016 September 11

08:21 ECSA appoints Director Social, Legal and Fiscal Affairs and a Policy Advisor in Shipping and Trade Policy

2016 July 22

16:14 European Shipowners endorse the global commitment of the European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility

2016 July 10

11:37 Shipowners reject proposals for ships to pay for EU ship recycling licences

2016 May 24

09:52 EU shipowners thank the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre for its efforts in search and rescue operations

2016 May 3

12:48 European seafarers and shipowners oppose the sentencing of Captain Mangouras

2016 April 28

18:35 ECSA welcomes the improvement of the shipping conditions in the Arctic

2016 April 14

15:02 European shipowners call upon EU Member States to support global CO2 agenda for shipping