Caspian Sea

2019 October 21

14:47 Port of Baku becomes first Green Port in Caspian region

2019 September 20

09:50 State Duma ratifies Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea

2019 June 21

10:44 Port of Baku and OSCE launch “digital route” project in Caspian ports

2019 June 10

10:35 LUKOIL signs Heads of Agreement on project in Kazakh sector of Caspian Sea

2019 May 15

09:53 Port Olya has not yet reached full capacity and large percent of cargo in the Caspian region still bypasses Russia – Vladimir Putin

2019 April 11

13:34 ASCO contributes to the cleanness of the Caspian Sea

2018 December 21

09:39 Twenty million tonnes of oil produced at LUKOIL North Caspian fields

2018 November 21

14:00 Russia needs large Ro-Ro ships for Caspian Sea – Igor Levitin

2018 November 14

12:59 LUKOIL drilled second well in Eastern part of Yury Korchagin field

2018 October 16

15:44 LUKOIL starts construction of facilities at Rakushechnoye field

2018 August 3

10:44 RF Government approves draft Agreement on Cooperation in Transport in the Caspian Sea

2018 July 25

10:00 LUKOIL completed drilling of first production well at Yury Korchagin field

2018 April 3

13:47 Makhachkala Commercial Sea Port handled 670,000 tonnes of cargo in QI’2018, up 2.5 times Y-o-Y

2017 December 22

12:22 Van Oord creates 72-km access channel in Caspian Sea

2017 November 13

10:40 RF Government approves the Strategy for the Development of Sea Ports in the Caspian Sea (document)

2017 July 13

17:09 LUKOIL produces 3 mln t of oil at Vladimir Filanovsky field

2017 April 25

17:53 Two million tonnes of oil produced at LUKOIL’s Vladimir Filanovsky field

2017 April 19

09:38 Caspian Sea States cooperate on pollution response

2017 April 17

14:12 Draft Strategy for development of Russian seaports in the Caspian Basin submitted to RF Government

2017 February 28

10:39 State support measures are required for development of North-South transport corridor – Victor Olersky

2016 November 2

09:38 Vladimir Putin instructs the Government to work out a strategy for the development of Russian seaports in the Caspian Basin

2016 November 1

09:29 Vladimir Putin launches operations at Filanovsky oil field

2016 August 5

15:38 LUKOIL continues facility construction for the second stage of Filanovsky field development in the Caspian Sea

2016 August 2

16:59 LSP-2 support block complex is being towed along the Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal (photo)

2016 July 19

09:47 LUKOIL puts ice class vessels into service in the Caspian Sea

2016 June 15

15:40 LUKOIL spuds first development well at Filanovsky field

2016 April 25

14:33 LUKOIL drives in risers at Filanovsky field in the Caspian Sea

2015 November 18

14:23 Sea-going ferry Bakhtiyar arrives in port Astrakhan

2015 August 25

17:17 Caspian Energy Group completes LSP-1 cargo operation (photo)

2015 August 19

15:19 Caspian Energy completes assembling of LSP-1 derrick and substructure (photo)

2015 August 11

17:50 LUKOIL reaches landmark five million tonnes of oil at Yuri Korchagin field in the Caspian Sea

2014 November 24

09:43 Jackup rig Mercury is being towed to the Caspian Sea