RF Navy

2017 February 21

11:44 Delivery of icebreaker Ilya Muromets scheduled for autumn – RF Defence Ministry (photo)

2017 February 20

16:23 Ships of RF Navy’s Baltic naval base are preparing for a planned combat mission in the sea

2017 February 17

09:56 Severnaya Verf is going to launch the Gremyashchy corvette in May 2017 (photo)

2017 February 10

17:56 Ship crews of the Leningrad naval base conduct combat training tasks

2017 February 7

11:02 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard to lay down the third serial mine-sweeper for RF Navy in the end of QI’17 (photo)

2017 February 3

13:59 Pacific Fleet Commander checked combat readiness of the Air Defence Alert Force on Kamchatka

2017 January 30

12:42 Sovershenny corvette launched trials at sea

2017 January 25

17:01 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard lays down yet another mine-sweeper for RF Navy (photo)

2017 January 18

17:19 RF Navy’s Pacific Ocean Fleet ship detachment arrived in Busan

2017 January 16

18:02 Naval flag of Russia hoisted on new anti-terror vessels of the Northern Fleet

2016 December 29

15:58 Recruits arrived in military units and formations of the Baltic Fleet

2016 December 26

13:20 Shipyard Pella (Leningrad Region) lays down yet another missile craft of Project 22800 for RF Navy (graphics)
09:20 Agreement to be signed between Russia and Syria on expanding the territory of RF Navy maintenance centre in the port of Tartus

2016 December 23

13:35 Sevmash shipyard lays down the Knyaz Pozharsky, nuclear submarine of Borei-A-class (photo)

2016 December 14

18:09 Construction of berthing facilities for Russia’s Northern fleet is completed in Severomorsk (photo)

2016 December 7

16:53 Crews of RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet warships launched exercise in Baltiysk and Kronstadt

2016 December 6

18:02 Pella shipyard launches tugboat of Project 16609 built for RF Defence Ministry (photo)

2016 December 2

16:02 Yaroslav Mudry guard ship laid course to Baltiysk (photo)

2016 November 25

16:52 Vympel Shipyard delivers two hydrographic vessel of Project 19920 to RF Navy (photo)

2016 November 24

14:23 Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyard completes the series of six submarines for RF Navy (photo)

2016 November 21

12:55 Volgodonsk crew held ship damage control exercise
10:31 RF Navy's Northern Fleet performs trials of its newest warships

2016 November 18

12:28 Flag-raising ceremony held at RF Navy’s self-propelled floating crane SPK-44150 in Vladivostok (photo)
10:19 Missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov to arrive at the Northern Fleet after modernization

2016 November 14

17:20 Severnaya Verf shipyard launches combat logistics ship of Project 23120 built for RF Navy (photo)

2016 November 1

17:39 Pacific Fleet detachment entered the Tanjung Priok port in Indonesia

2016 October 28

17:50 Severnaya Verf shipyard lays down Derzky corvette of Project 20386 for RF Navy (photo)

2016 October 26

15:12 Diesel-electric submarine Veliky Novgorod delivered to RF Navy (photo)

2016 October 25

17:18 Keel of Derzky corvette to be laid in Saint Petersburg on October 28

2016 October 7

16:38 Admiral Grigorovich frigate of the Black Sea Fleet returned to Sevastopol from Greece

2016 September 26

17:50 Ship grouping of Belomorskaya naval base deployed in the White Sea in course of the exercise
11:10 Modular rescue boat of new generation launched in Murmansk (graphics)

2016 September 22

17:04 Grouping of Combined Arms Forces deployed in the Barents Sea in the course of Northern Fleet exercise
16:36 Joint tactical exercise in the Arctic involves the ships of RF Navy's Northern and Pacific Fleets
14:48 Lead ship of a series of mine countermeasures vessels built by Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard commences state tests (photo)

2016 September 16

11:14 Shipyard Pella (Leningrad region) lays down Akademik Ageyev, oceanographic research ship of Project 16450 (photo)

2016 September 13

13:29 "Naval interaction-2016" exercise is held in a milestone year for the Russian Navy

2016 September 7

17:17 Admiralteiskie Verfi will build six submarine of Project 636.3 for RF Navy’s Pacific fleet

2016 August 30

16:23 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard starts construction of forth mine countermeasure ship for RF Navy (photo)

2016 August 1

14:44 RF Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu took part in the celebration of RF Navy Day in Saint Petersburg
10:26 Pella shipyard (Leningrad Region) delivers rescue tugboat SB-123 (photo)

2016 July 29

17:25 Shipyard Pella (Leningrad Region) lays down missile craft of Project 22800 for RF Navy (graphics)
16:30 Sevmash lays down yet another submarine of Yaen-M class (photo)

2016 July 25

12:55 Vympel Shipyard launches yet another Grachonok-class boat of Project 21980 (photo)

2016 July 19

11:28 Rescue tugboat SB-121 built by Pella shipyard (Leningrad Region) completed state tests (photo)

2016 July 6

14:03 Rybinsk based Vympel Shipyard launches big hydrographic vessel of Project 19920 built for RF Navy (photo)

2016 July 1

13:52 Corvette Rezky laid down at Amur Shipyard (photo)

2016 June 27

16:15 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard completed body shell for second serial mine countermeasure ship being built for RF Navy (photo)

2016 June 22

12:47 Large landing ship Ivan Gren commences sea trials (photo)

2016 June 10

15:15 Admiralteiskie Verfi launched the icebreaker ILYA MUROMETS

2016 June 2

18:06 Flag hoisting ceremony onboard Admiral Essen frigate postponed till June 7 (photo)

2016 May 31

13:46 Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyard launches the Kolpino, diesel-electric submarine of Project 636 built for RF Navy (photo)

2016 May 25

13:17 Pytlivy guard ship of the Black Sea Fleet left for the Mediterranean Sea
11:02 Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyard will launch Kolpino submarine on May 31, 2016

2016 May 24

16:42 Naryan-Mar small-sized ASW ship of the Northern Fleet accomplished training combat missions during exercises in the White Sea

2016 May 23

15:27 Flag hoisting ceremony onboard Admiral Essen frigate scheduled for May 27 (photo)

2016 May 17

16:38 Valentin Pikul minesweeper of the Black Sea Fleet entered the permanent formation of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea

2016 April 22

18:02 Black Sea Fleet holds tactic exercise of landing ships and missile boats

2016 April 8

16:39 Vympel Shipyard will build two armament support ships for RF Navy (visualised image)

2016 April 7

17:35 Admiral Vladimir Korolev appointed as Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy