2018 October 11

16:25 Marine Recruiting Agency to train Rosmorport employees

2018 October 10

12:50 Newly reconstructed passenger berths put into operation in Novorossiysk

2018 August 31

13:51 Rosmorport looking into dredging over 1.5 million cbm of material in Vostochny and Nakhodka

2018 August 10

13:25 Vasily Strugov appointed Deputy General Director for Fleet of FSUE Rosmorport

2018 July 2

12:42 Rosmorport appoints Boris Tashimov as Deputy Director for Project Management

2018 June 27

15:26 Draft law on privatization of Rosmorport to undergo public discussion (document)

2018 June 22

09:38 Yevgeny Pankratov appointed as Director of FSUE Rosmorport’s Sakhalin Branch

2018 June 14

16:16 Rosmorport announces tender for dredging works in water area of port Vanino

2018 May 23

12:31 Rosmorport appoints Sergey Lyamtsev as Acting Director of its Azov Basin Branch (photo)

2018 May 22

14:10 Rosmorport continues providing icebreaker assistance in the Arctic Basin

2018 May 3

11:18 Rosmorport appoints Gennady Khripunov as Acting Director of its Astrakhan Branch (photo)

2018 April 23

16:29 Rosmorport’s icebreakers assisted over 5,700 vessels in freezing seaports of Russia this winter navigation season

2018 April 9

17:53 Rosmorport’s icebreakers assisted over 5,500 vessels in freezing seaports of Russia this winter navigation season

2018 April 2

17:40 Rosmorport’s icebreakers assisted about 5,300 vessels in freezing seaports of Russia this winter navigation season

2018 March 30

14:05 Admiral Makarov icebreaker escorted 5 vessels of Nornickel to Dudinka port (photo)

2018 March 28

09:55 Rosmorport announces tender for maintenance dredging in the water area of port Vanino

2018 March 6

13:36 Rosmorport’s icebreakers assisted more than 3,000 vessels in freezing seaports of Russia this winter navigation season

2018 February 16

14:37 Rosmorport announces tender for maintenance dredging at Volga-Caspian Canal
12:30 Rosmorport appoints Irina Egorova as Chief Accountant of its Vanino Branch (photo)

2018 February 14

17:03 Documentation for maintenance dredging at Kavkaz and Taman ports obtains state environmental approval (photo)
15:52 Rosmorport target classroom opens at Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping

2018 February 12

15:25 Rosmorport’s icebreakers assisted almost 1,500 vessels in freezing seaports of Russia this winter navigation season

2018 February 9

14:58 Krasin icebreaker arrives at the seaport of Vanino

2018 February 8

12:45 Rosmorport plans to dredge 12.2 mln cbm of material in 2018 (photo)

2018 February 7

16:56 Rosmorport set to raise the share of dredging works performed by its own equipment to 70% (photo)

2018 February 2

16:50 Revenue of FSUE Rosmorport for 2017 grew by 11% to over RUB 25 bln

2018 February 1

17:36 Rosmorport appoints Vladislav Rassykhin as Deputy of Director General for Major Construction (photo)

2018 January 31

10:58 Rosmorport’s icebreakers assisted 667 vessels in freezing seaports of Russia this winter navigation season

2018 January 26

14:34 5 icebreakers offer assistance at Russian seaports of Azov Sea

2018 January 25

14:16 Rosmorport appoints Elena Bulanova as Director of its Vanino Branch (photo)

2018 January 24

16:47 Rosmorport’s North-Western Basin Branch congratulates North-Western Shipping Company on its 95th anniversary!

2018 January 23

12:16 Rosmorport appoints Evgeniy Pankratov as Acting Director of its Sakhalin Branch (photo)

2018 January 22

16:21 Rosmorport’s icebreakers assisted 269 vessels at seaports of Russia this winter navigation season

2018 January 16

17:00 Andrey Lavrishchev’s report at Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress will focus on promising port projects

2018 January 12

17:55 Icebreakers of Rosmorport’s Azov Basin Branch are ready for ice navigation season (photo)
17:17 Rosmorport delegates representatives of its six branches to Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress

2018 January 11

14:28 Designing of onshore and sea infrastructure at the seaport of Gelendzhik completed (chart)

2017 December 28

17:55 FSUE Rosmorport supports “Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging” Congress as its Partner

2017 December 20

13:48 Rosmorport appoints Victor Vanyukov as Director of its Far East Basin Branch (photo)

2017 December 19

15:00 Rosmorport appoints Andrey Gorodishtyan as Deputy Director General for Navigation Safety (photo)

2017 December 13

17:58 Rosmorport taps Sergey Simonov as Deputy General Director

2017 November 24

12:12 Lead buoy tender of Project BLV04 build for FSUE Rosmorport is put into operation (photo)

2017 November 17

15:58 Onezhsky shipyard lays down Yury Maslyukov dredger of Damen TSHD 2000 design (photo)

2017 November 1

15:38 Rosmorport invites bids for a construction contract to build Pionersky Cruise Terminal worth RUB 7.3 bn

2017 October 26

12:48 Rosmorport appoints Sergey Mazhirin as Director of its Petropavlovsk Branch (photo)

2017 October 25

11:28 Andrey Lavrishchev appointed as Director General of FSUE Rosmorport (photo)

2017 October 24

15:40 FSUE Rosmorport participated in III International Innovation Forum of Passenger Transport “Smart Transport 2017”

2017 October 20

17:47 Rosmorport appoints Oksana Masyuk as Deputy Director for Economics and Finance of its Arkhangelsk Branch (photo)

2017 October 13

12:20 Pilots of Rosmorport's Murmansk Branch performed unique operation in the Kola Bay

2017 October 12

15:48 MSV Nordica to join Arctic Circle Assembly 2017 in Reykjavík, Iceland

2017 October 5

11:16 Rosmorport appoints Andrey Lavrishchev as its Acting Director General (photo)
10:59 Victor Olersky dismissed Andrei Tarasenko, Director General of FSUE Rosmorport, due to a transfer to another appointment
07:44 Damen secures Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger contract with LLC ‘Onego Shipyard’ (photo, graphics)

2017 October 4

10:24 Rosmorport declared Rosmorrechflot as proper defendant in USK Most’s claim for recovery of arrears in respect of Sabetta construction

2017 September 18

18:06 Rosmorport is looking into construction of LNG bunkering tanker of 3,000 to 5,000 cbm in capacity
17:50 Rosmorport is going to build ships running alternative fuels
17:25 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim visited sailings ship Nadezhda in Vladivostok (photo)
16:47 Rosmorport to start construction of shallow-draft icebreaker before the year end

2017 September 13

16:28 Icebreaker Novorossiysk leaves Murmansk to support the expedition of Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (photo)
14:40 Rosmorport appoints Nikolai Zelenkov as Deputy Director for Navigation Safety of its Murmansk branch (photo)