2017 December 15

18:20 Onezhsky Shipyard launched self-propelled hopper Silnaya (photo)

2017 December 12

17:00 Nefteflot delivers lead oil tanker of Project RST11 (photo)

2017 December 8

16:58 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard is ready to lay down yet another mine countermeasures vessel for RF Navy (photo)

2017 December 7

13:00 USC is looking into building 40 MW icebreaker powered by LNG

2017 December 6

12:20 Nevsky Shipyard delivers dry cargo vessel of Project RSD49, Pola Sevastiana (photo)
11:54 Construction of Leader-type icebreaker to take 7 years and to cost RUB 78.4 bln

2017 December 5

18:12 Shipyard Pella launches the second research hydrographic ship of project 11982 built for RF Navy (photo)
16:35 Okskaya Sudoverf to build eight dry cargo ships for Navis-1 LLC with STLC as a customer
09:59 RF Ministry of Industry and Trade allocates RUB 1.240 bln for Vympel Shipyard to build 3 Kometa-type vessels for Crimea

2017 December 4

14:50 Yantar Shipyard to build a freezing trawler for Preobrazhensky Base of Trawling Fleet (photo, graphics)
12:13 Composite Shipbuilding LLC and IGE Yachts discussed delivery of high-speed catamaran Pacifico Voyager 117

2017 December 1

12:16 Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant lays down two boom-laying boats of Project А40–2Б-ЯР for Transneft Kama Region JSC (photo)
10:55 Okskaya shipyard lays down the second non-self-propelled oil barge of Project ROB20 for Pola Rise (photo)

2017 November 30

21:00 Nevsky Shipyard launched fourth MPSV12 tug-salvage vessel (photo)
12:47 Deputy Defenсe Minister of Russia visited Severnaya Verf Shipyard

2017 November 28

17:53 Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard delivers third chemical tanker ‘Balt Flot 18’
10:28 Technical readiness of reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs is 99% (photo)

2017 November 27

09:57 Nevsky Shipyard started sea trials of dry cargo vessel Pola Sevastiana
09:33 Tug-salvage vessel Piltun rolled out to open slipway at Nevsky Shipyard

2017 November 24

16:30 Sevastopol Marine Plant lays down floating crane Sevastopol, Project ПК-400
15:59 State Duma approves prolongation of RF Government Decree No 383 through 2019
12:12 Lead buoy tender of Project BLV04 build for FSUE Rosmorport is put into operation (photo)

2017 November 23

15:44 Okskaya shipyard lays down the first non-self-propelled oil barge in a series of ten vessels ordered by STLC

2017 November 22

14:22 Okskaya shipyard will build a series of six trawlers for fishing company Variant

2017 November 21

09:30 NIBULON shipyard put into operation its new assembly and fabrication workshop

2017 November 17

17:20 Sevmash floated out nuclear-powered missile submarine Knyaz Vladimir (photo)
15:58 Onezhsky shipyard lays down Yury Maslyukov dredger of Damen TSHD 2000 design (photo)

2017 November 16

16:51 Severnaya Verf will build six processing trawlers for Norebo Holding (photo)

2017 November 14

11:02 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard to lay down fourth minesweeper of Project 12700 for RF Navy before the end of 2017

2017 November 10

09:34 Economic parameters of Zvezda project for providing state subsidies published at federal portal for legal information (document)

2017 November 7

18:16 Okskaya Sudoverf will build a series of oil barges
17:23 Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot takes delivery of two boom-laying boats (photo)

2017 November 2

19:08 Pella Shipyard launches harbor tug of Project 16609 RB-2186 for the Pacific Fleet
12:14 MOL takes delivery of Japan's 1st 20,000 TEU containership MOL Truth

2017 November 1

17:43 Severnaya Verf contracted to build longline factory vessels for three fishing companies

2017 October 31

10:28 MTG Dolphin holds keel-laying for 1500dwt product tanker ordered by Rubis Eastern Caribbean

2017 October 30

11:16 Volgotrans is the first recipient of a ship utilization grant

2017 October 26

09:46 Admiralteiskie Verfi to build six trawlers for Russian Fishery Company (photo)

2017 October 23

16:16 RF Ministry of Industry and Trade is planning subsidies to cover costs on construction of shipbuilding complex “Zvezda”
14:32 Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard launches third chemical carrier of Project RST27М built for BF Tanker
11:58 ESL Shipping's LNG-powered dry cargo vessel Haaga successfully launched at Jinling Shipyard
09:49 Vympel Shipyard launches lead high-speed passenger-carrying hydrofoil of project 23160, Kometa 120М (photo)

2017 October 20

11:08 Zvezda Shipbuilding complex, Rosnefteflot and Taimyrneftegaz agreed to build and operate 10 Arctic shuttle tankers
09:59 Innovative passenger catamaran Grifon presented in Saint-Petersburg (photo)

2017 October 16

14:16 Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard delivers second chemical carrier of Project RST27М to BF Tanker

2017 October 12

16:50 Okskaya Shipyard delivers lead multi-purpose diving catamaran Igor Ilyin to Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot

2017 October 10

13:54 Pella Shipyard delivers tugboat of project 90600, RB-393, to the state customer (photo)

2017 October 6

13:29 Okskaya Sudoverf completed this year’s programme on production of hulls and components for RF Defence Ministry’s pontoons

2017 October 5

16:00 Budget allocations for leasing programme of United Shipbuilding Corporation expanded with additional RUB 2.5 bln
12:53 Composite Shipbuilding launches catamaran Pacifico Voyager 199 (photo)

2017 October 4

15:19 Baltiysky Zavod – Sudostroyeniye LLC is merging into Baltiysky Zavod JSC
11:50 Vympel Shipyard launches border patrol boat of project 1496М1 Lamantin for FSB coast guard (photo)

2017 October 3

16:27 Ozernaya Verf Shipyard (Leningrad Region) launches multi-functional boat of Project 14М (photo)
15:31 Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard delivers chemical carrier of Project RST27М to BF Tanker (photo)

2017 October 2

14:38 Newest icebreaker Ilya Muromets to launch final trials on Wednesday

2017 September 28

17:18 Valdai-45R hydrofoil launched at the premises of the designer, Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau (photo)
13:45 Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard laid down lead ship of Project RSD59 (photo)

2017 September 27

11:45 HHI signed $800M order to build 10 VLOCs with Polaris Shipping
10:35 Metal Shark building four 350-passenger vessels and an additional 150-passenger vessel for NYC Ferry

2017 September 25

18:00 Patrol boat of Project 03160 built for RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet by Pella Shipyard completes sea part of state trials (photo)