2019 August 14 12:48

Murmansk Sea Fishing Port volumes in Jan-Jul drop 29.1% to 147,800 tonnes

Total volume of cargo handled at Murmansk Sea Fishing Port JSC (MSFP JSC) in January-July 2019 fell 29.1% on the same period 2018 to 147,800 tonnes, the stevedoring company said.

In the reporting period, handling of fish products by MSFP decreased by 26.1% and totaled 106,200 tonnes.

In July alone Murmansk Sea Fishing Port handled 31,800 tonnes of different cargo, or an 11.6% growth on July 2018. Monthly volume of fish products surged by 35.4% to 24,100 tonnes.

Vitaly Klimenkov, Murmansk Sea Fishing Port operational manager attributed the monthly growth in fish volume to continued supply of sea bass caught by Murmansk fishing firms in the region of Greenland. “The second factor is that the cod and haddock fishing shifted to the central part of the Barents Sea, opposite the entrance to the Kola Bay, which facilitated the delivery of fish to Murmansk,” he said.
Murmansk Sea Fishing Port specializes in receiving and handling cargo from fishing boats, mother ships and factory freezer trawlers. It also handles commercial and military goods: packaged, palletized and dry bulk cargoes, break bulk. The company operates a 4.5-km-long quay wall, owns and operates harbour fleet, crane equipment (of lifting capacity up to 20 gt), auxiliary equipment, refrigerators, its own rail tracks and switch engines.