2019 August 12 16:12

Modules of HSV Mikhail Kazansky (23370G) to be delivered to Vyborg Shipyard for completion

Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Moscow Region based shipbuilding firm KAMPO JSC has completed the first phase of construction of the Mikhail Kazansky, lead ship in a series of large hydrographic survey vessels of Project 23370G, the firm said in a press release.
The survey ship fabricated blocks and sections were loaded onto heavy duty trucks on August 7, 2019 to be delivered to Vyborg Shipyard for completion of construction and outfitting. The vessel launching is slated for the end of August 2019.

Once the vessel is completed, Vyborg Shipyard will start in the middle of September 2019, shipbuilder’s sea trials. The final state acceptance trials are scheduled for the end of October 2019 and the vessel will enter service with the Baltic Fleet to carry out pilotage and certain types of hydrographic work.

Hystory of KAMPO JSC (prior to incorporation - Orekhovo-Zuevsky Design Bureau of Oxygen Equipment) dates back to 1953. Today the firm is a member of the Tetis Group. KAMPO OJSC is a manufacturer of ships for the Navy under the State Defense Order as part of the Military Shipbuilding Program until 2050.