2018 October 10 12:50

Newly reconstructed passenger berths put into operation in Novorossiysk

Newly reconstructed passenger berths, No 34 and No 34A, has been put into operation in the port of Novorossiysk, says press center of FSUE Rosmorport.

The reconstruction was financed by capital investments made by Rosmorport between November 2015 and April 2018.

The reconstruction included lengthening of both berths by 78.7 meters. Now, Berth No 34 is 288 meters long, Berth No 34A – 149 meters.

Rosmorport says the reconstructed berths can be used for servicing large passenger ships operating on Russian and international lines.

Berth No 34 can accommodate Albatross type ships (length - 206 meters, width - over 25 meters, draft – 7.5 meters). Berth No 34А can accommodate Expedition type ships (length - 104 meters, width – almost 19 meters, draft – 4.7 meters).