2018 October 9 16:42

Anti-submarine ship Severomorsk of RF Navy's Northern Fleet completes a call to the Seychelles

The anti-submarine ship Severomorsk, the Nortern Fleet, has completed her call to the port of Viktoria of the Seychelles, says press center of RF Defence Ministry. Now she continues her missions in the Indian Ocean as planned by long-range cruise.

Russian seamen spent four days in the Seychelles. The Severomorsk was visited by Russian Ambassador to the Republic of Seychelles, Vladimir Belous, and representatives of ambassy with their families.

During the visit, the seamen replenished food supplies and fresh water.

It is not the first time as the ASW ship crew visits the port of Victoria. His last call was at the beginning of 2017 during a long-distance cruise around the African continent after performing combat missions as part of the aircraft carrier group in the Mediterranean Sea off Syrian coast.

The ASW ship Severomorsk will next visit the Republic of Mozambique on the east coast of Africa.

The ship will stay in waters of the Indian Ocean for more than two months. The crew will make a series of military and diplomatic missions, and secure civilian navigation in the Gulf of Aden. At present, the ship has covered over 16,000 miles since the start of the mission.