2017 June 15 16:38

Nadezhda sailing ship marks 25th anniversary of honors to the nation

Twenty five years ago, on June 5, 1992, the State Flag of the Russian Federation was raised aboard the Nadezhda sailing ship, says FSUE Rosmorport.

This date has laid the foundation for carrying out an important mission to preserve the spirit of sailing navigation. Over these years the sailing ship jointly with leading home and foreign scientific organizations has taken part in over 20 large-scale naval research expeditions.

The ship marks this notable day in ocean crossings. After a quarter of a century of loyal service the ship follows the same route as its first crew during the first voyage, from Europe to the home port, the seaport of Vladivostok.

Representing Russia's interests in the Asia-Pacific region, Nadezhda sailing ship visited Russian and foreign seaports propagating Russia’s naval history and naval education. The ship regularly took part in international regattas and tall ship festivals.

In 2003 an overseas expedition devoted to the 200th anniversary of the first overseas expedition of Russian marine led by Ivan Krusenstern and Yuri Lisyansky brought fame and glory to the ship. In 14 months and three days the sailing ship has passed over 45.000 nautical miles, visited 30 seaports in 20 world countries. During the overseas expedition, the sailing ship crossed the Equator three times. President Vladimir Putin, who visited the sailing ship, praised Nadezhda sailing ship's contribution to the history of home navigation.

FSUE “Rosmorport” congratulates the captain and the crew of the Nadezhda sailing ship on the 25th anniversary of raising the State Flag of the Russian Federation. Let the wind fill all the sails!