• 2017 January 18


    Russia to build cruise liners for Arctic tourism at its Helsinki Shipyard

    Russia's United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) is poised to begin production of sea ferries, cruise liners and yachts for Arctic tourism at its Helsinki shipyard...

  • 2017 January 18


    Two Russian icebreakers are currently stuck in sea ice

    Carriers had hoped to pull it off this year to prove that, thanks to climate change, shipping lanes can stay open year-round. But for now, it seems, the ice had its revenge...

  • 2017 January 17


    The byzantine fight for Dagestan’s strategic Makhachkala port

    Makhachkala’s facilities, Russia’s last state-owned commercial port, have been an ongoing prize for privatization as Makhachkala is Russia’s closest port to Iran and the two countries are set to deepen trade ties...

  • 2017 January 17


    Russian Arctic ports have best year ever

    ...the main ports in the Russian north in 2016 had a more than 40 percent year-on-year increase from 2015. Growth was biggest in Murmansk...

  • 2017 January 17


    LNG Floating Storage: A Passing Trend?

    At the end of 2015, global LNG production was approximately 35 bcf/d. By 2019, global supply is set to increase by 40 percent with the U.S. and Australia planning to bring another 15 bcf/d online...

  • 2017 January 16


    Icy conditions, non-OPEC cut could hit Q1 Far East Russian crude exports

    A double whammy of icy conditions in the oil fields in the Russian Far East and the major non-OPEC producer's latest promise to cut production could lead to a decline in Sokol and Sakhalin Blend crude exports in the first quarter...

  • 2017 January 12


    Black Sea Freeze Hitting Major Ports Spurs Grain-Crunch Concern

    The cold blast across eastern Europe is raising concerns about a grain-export crunch as icy conditions restrict navigation at some of the region’s most important ports...

  • 2017 January 12


    A First for Arctic Shipping

    A ship owned by ZPMC Red Box Energy Services, a Netherlands-based marine-transport services provider, became the first cargo vessel to sail construction equipment along the Northern Sea Route—a shipping lane north of Russia—during the winter months...

  • 2017 January 12


    Company boosts control over Murmansk coal exports

    The coal company, Russia’s biggest, buys a 25,5 percent stake of the Murmansk Commercial Sea Port from EuroChem...

  • 2017 January 11


    Multi billion dollar shipments to Russia’s new Arctic port

    According to customs authorities in the Yamal-Nenets region the value of the goods customs-declared at Sabetta in 2016 had a fivefold increase from the previous year...

  • 2017 January 11


    Russia offers unique port security system to India

    An agreement on setup of such a system in the port of Krishnapatnam may be signed already this year...

  • 2017 January 11


    Rates have risen, but 2017 holds further uncertainty for container shipping market, warns Xeneta

    Although rates have risen significantly from the historic lows of early 2016, giving battered shipowners some reprieve, structural problems continue to undermine stability, while macro-economic and political factors are casting long shadows on the horizon...