• 2017 March 29


    Russia set to stage charm offensive in Arkhangelsk

    ...the International Arctic Forum, being held on Wednesday and Thursday, may serve as a means for Russia to help thaw the country’s icy relationships with its European neighbours...

  • 2017 March 29


    Russia and Iran on the North-South transport corridor: security, control, and power

    The global community has their eye on Russia and Iran regarding developments in Syria and the broader Middle East North Africa (MENA) region...

  • 2017 March 29


    Russia's Black Sea Fleet Buildup

    The Black Sea Fleet modernization and buildup initiative is going to provide Russia with the capability to access the greater oceans and to exert its influence throughout areas located along the world’s major shipping lanes...

  • 2017 March 27


    Poland considers building floating LNG terminal by 2021

    Poland is considering building a second liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on the Baltic Sea by 2021 for about 700 million euros ($761 million), as a potential alternative to a planned gas pipeline to Norway...

  • 2017 March 27


    The case for a constant NATO CSG presence in the Mediterranean

    From sea control to strike to humanitarian assistance, it can respond anywhere in the 71 percent of the world which is covered by oceans, and with staying power...

  • 2017 March 24


    How Russia hopes an Iranian port will circumvent One Belt, One Road

    Trickett and Thomas argue that Russia and Iran would prefer to split influence in the Caspian region between themselves, slowing down China’s advance. Chabahar’s development could be the key to this end...

  • 2017 March 24


    Arctic icebreaker escorts up 100 percent

    Shipping on the Northern Sea Route has far to go before achieving its potential, but Russia’s fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers have been busy in the region of late...

  • 2017 March 24


    ISO 8217:2017 – what’s new and why

    There are several significant changes in the sixth edition of ISO 8217 to address current industry trends: the addition of a new class of distillates allowing for bio-fuel blends...

  • 2017 March 23


    Unique Сrane Equipment Delivered to Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex

    A new large-capacity equipment was delivered to the staple of Zvezda shipbuilding complex , including two crane towers with carrying capacity of 100 t each...

  • 2017 March 23


    Iranian tanker with oil for Belarus arrives in port of Odessa

    In early February President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that for replacement of Russian oil in the Republic they are looking for other countries oil for processing at its refineries...

  • 2017 March 23


    Port Bronka starts testing innovative container for dry bulk cargo

    According to the statement, the technology involving innovative containers will let Baltic ports of Russia, including MSCC Bronka, take over Russian cargoes currently handled by conventional method at the ports of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania...

  • 2017 March 20


    Russia will subside ship recycling and boost shipbuilding

    Russia will subside the ship recycling to recover part of the cost of acquiring or building new merchant vessels. For the current year, the government will allocate 400 million rubles and the measure will last until 2030...