• 2018 July 11


    Newbuild spending dropped sharply in Q2

    Enthusiasm for newbuild orders across most shipping markets has started to wane after more than $10 billion dollars were committed in the first quarter of 2018, according to VesselsValue. The total committed to new deliveries is now the lowest since the start of 2016.

  • 2018 July 10


    Robotics and autonomous systems for marine renewables

    As the global fleet of offshore renewables fleet increases, ways to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency and safety of operations and maintenance work, using robotics and autonomous systems, will also grow. Elaine Maslin reports.

  • 2018 July 9


    How growth can benefit the environment

    You might call 2017 a banner year for California ports. San Pedro Bay, home to the nation's leading twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach exceeded their pre-recession peaks. Collectively, San Pedro Bay was up 7.2% from its 2006 peak. It took a decade to get there and while you wouldn't want that sort of annualized growth going forward, it did arguably mark the end of San Pedro Bay's recession dip. More importantly, growth looks to continue in 2018. As of the end of May, year to date container volumes are 3.7% higher over the same period in 2017. Unfortunately, that growth masks two weaknesses in San Pedro Bay.

  • 2018 July 6


    Construction of Russian Blue-Water Vessels May Be Postponed Untill 2035

    The construction of blue and green-water warships may be postponed until 2035 because of lack of funds...

  • 2018 July 6


    China & Russia In The Arctic: Axis Of Ambivalence

    China and Russia are working together ever more closely in the Arctic, exploiting a policy vacuum in the US...

  • 2018 July 5


    High-tech icebreaker ‘Alexander Sannikov’ becomes the latest addition to Russia’s Arctic Fleet

    The Alexander Sannikov, a new cutting-edge icebreaker, commissioned by Gazprom Neft was built to support tankers going from Novoportovskoye field along the North Sea route...

  • 2018 July 4


    Continuing investment in LNG as a marine fuel critical to meeting air quality & GHG emissions targets

    SEA\LNG, the multi-sector industry coalition aiming to accelerate the widespread adoption of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel, today reiterated how critical continuing investment in LNG as a marine fuel is to meeting both air quality and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets...

  • 2018 July 4


    Russia's coast guards detain seven ships off Ukraine coast in Sea of Azov since Monday evening

    Ukrainian monitoring groups have reported seven cases since the evening of Monday, July 2, when coast guards of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) detained foreign ships in the Sea of Azov south of Berdyansk, Ukraine...

  • 2018 July 2


    Russia resumes construction of TurkStream Line 2 for Europe

    Russia has resumed the pipelaying operations for the second string of the Turkish Stream or TurkStream offshore gas pipeline, which aims to deliver gas to southern and southeastern Europe...

  • 2018 July 2


    Russia taps smaller ports to keep up record wheat export pace

    ...Russia has so much wheat that it can’t export it all via the usual methods, so shippers are increasingly turning to a once-rare technique to get more grain on boats...

  • 2018 July 2


    Arrest of Summa Group owners affects Novorossiysk and Vladivostok ports

    Summa Group controls a number of port and logistics assets in Russia, including Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (25%) and FESCO Transportation Group (32.5%), which owns Vladivostok Sea Commercial Port...

  • 2018 June 28


    Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port accounts frozen -TASS

    The banking accounts, assets and property of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port have been frozen as part of a criminal case against Russian billionaire Ziyavudin Magomedov...