• 2017 February 9


    Feature: Ust-Luga cements its role as Russia's largest fuel export port

    The Russian port of Ust-Luga, just across the border from Estonia, has become the most important fuel oil exporting port in the region...

  • 2017 February 8


    100 sailors trapped in ice near Arctic outpost

    Never before have icebreakers escorted cargo vessels from the western part of the Arctic to Pevek, the town by the East Siberian Sea, in mid-winter...

  • 2017 February 8


    Russia's Evolving Arctic Capabilities

    The U.S. estimates the Arctic seabed is home to about 15 percent of the world’s remaining oil, up to 30 percent of its natural gas deposits, and about 20 percent of its liquefied natural gas...

  • 2017 February 8


    Russia says ship's crew taken hostage off Nigerian coast

    A crew of seven Russians and a Ukrainian have been taken hostage off the coast of Nigeria after their ship was attacked...

  • 2017 February 7


    Gazprom to resume Kara Sea drilling

    Oil and gas drillings in Russia’s Arctic Kara Sea were all suspended after USA and EU introduced sanctions in 2014 limiting access to necessary offshore technology...

  • 2017 February 7


    Oil leaked at Kerch Strait and caused water pollution

    Oil leaked from unidentified vessel and caused water pollution at the approach to the Kerch Strait from the Black Sea...

  • 2017 February 7


    Here’s how the Arctic’s disappearing sea ice will help out Russia

    By the end of the century, oil tankers and cargo ships, with only the occasional help of icebreakers, will safely ply Russia’s Arctic coast for more than half the year if global warming continues unabated...

  • 2017 February 7


    Argentina: Rio Negro send its first seafrieght pears to Russia

    The fruit harvest formally began in the maritime terminal of Rio Negro, with the loading of the Triton Reefer merchant ship, a huge ship that will depart to Russia with a cargo full of pears from the Upper Valley...

  • 2017 February 6


    Norway's offshore service sector unites

    Three companies -- Farstad Shipping, Deep Sea Supply and Solstad Offshore -- said they would team up under a united restructuring plan aimed at giving them leverage at a time when industry spending is suppressed...

  • 2017 February 6


    Trawler with 9 fishermen loses way in Barents Sea

    The Altai trawler owned by the Murmansk-based Putina company has lost way in the eastern part of the Barents Sea...

  • 2017 February 6


    Oil steadies as Iran and OPEC offset by U.S. drilling rebound

    Oil steadied near $57 barrel on Monday as OPEC supply cuts and rising tensions between the United States and Iran were countered by ample inventories and signs that higher prices will revive U.S. output...

  • 2017 February 3


    Russian container trade escapes doldrums

    Ports in Russia's Baltic region, such as St. Petersburg, started off the year well despite nearly two weeks of holidays in January...