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    2016 December 23

    The captain of the vessel arrested in Ukraine faces 5 years of imprisonment for calling at ports of Crimea

    The Military Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine has served the captain of Sky Moon, suspected in violation of the order of calling at the annexed Crimea, with charge papers.

    The captain is a citizen of Syria and faces up to five years of imprisonment.

    The low enforcers have established eight calls of the Tanzanian vessel Sky Moon at the closed for calling ports of Kerch, Feodosiya and Sevastopol in the annexed Crimea during 2016. The vessel has shipped from there to Turkey and Moldova various goods: scrap metal, caustic and commercial soda and flax seeds.

    As a reminder, Ukrainian border guards detained the cargo vessel Sky Moon, flying the flag of Tanzania, with citizens of Libya and Syria on board on November 30. The vessel violated the order of calling at the annexed Crimea.

    Sky Moon was detained by the border guards in the Ukrainian internal waters on the Danube River and, despite the resistance of the crew, took the vessel to the Ukrainian port of Reni.